Financial and family in law problem

I need advice here
Previously My husband and I have the same bank account. We end up separate bank accounts because he is the only person in charge. he can do whatever he wants and the opposite for me. keep in mind, we both work. One day i buy 5$ international calls card called to my family overseas . I still remember his reaction he yell at me, he told me to open my own account. The next day i did because am so tried of it. And he ask me to deposit half the house cost and i did deposit every month into account.after that covid hit i stay home got unemployment benefits and my husband wants to buy truck he ask me to contribute and i gave him 6k and he add and borrow for bank and start his business and he asked me to open joint accounts and i agree and open but i told him amnot close my account and he is okay with that and he also have personal accounts. now his company growing up and he act like that i don’t contribute anything. He act like everything is on his behalf. Everything we have is after marriage he don’t owe nothing before. Financial decisions is only by him and i don’t feel comfortable with that. What shall i do
FYI we have two kids one 22 month and one Eight month and we don’t have great relationships. And he is mama boy and they don’t like me. He always put his family over us like we’re 2nd option. He always call and give full report what happening in our house. And whenever i said we have to focus on our family, i need some privacy and i don’t want to close again with his family because they hurt me once and don’t want that happen again and complaining me that i hate his family. And am in middle of what have to do next?
And sorry if my grammar isn’t best couse this my third language
Thanks for reading