First birthday ideas?

Hello. Just wondering what others did for baby’s first birthday? I know she won’t remember it, but it would fun to have something to do. I already have the smash cake idea, but I can’t think of anything else to do. Any ideas?


We had an ice cream bar.

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My son had a paw patrol party. No he won’t remember it but it’s his first and I will remember it. We just had a cookout and tons of paw patrol decorations, games for the other kids to play etc.

There’s a lot of different decorations for babies first birthday out there.

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I’m doing a Winnie the Pooh party for my daughters 1st, lots of cute decorations on eBay

We had a picnic in a park by a lake with food/cupcakes/presents and invited a friend and some family.

My daughter is 2 and still has not had a birthday party. She was sick when she turned 1 and at Disney when she turned 2. She doesn’t even know she missed anything.

Have everyone fill out a card or stationary page and make the baby a time capsule with it. You can continue doing it throughout the years. I wish i had done this with my children. Just little stories, memories, quotes, advice. Add a picture each year.


We did a Minnie mouse themed party and we got the decorations on Amazon and party city we also did a smash cake and rented a room at the casino so she can go in the pool afterwards she loves the water we got a pinyata and pin the nose on the Minnie mouse party game and a 4ft Minnie balloon that all the kids loved

My advice is, if you want to do a theme then choose something that you can make your own decor. The themed party decor is so expensive! For my little ones first bday we did a puppy dog theme (she loves dogs). I did buy some stuffed animal pups, but that was about it. I used picture frames that I already had and labeled stations (i.e. Adoption Center, for the stuffed animal pups for kids to take home). I used construction paper and string to create my own bday banner, used construction paper to cut out doggie shapes to send for invites, and made my own cupcakes decorated as dogs (using icing) with milano cookies for floppy dog ears. Also, I blew up balloons and had ears cut out, and markers set out, for the kids to make their own balloon dogs.

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Mickey clubhouse for my oldest, baseball theme for my middle, and fishing for my youngest.

We did the theme “where the wild things are” made a little long of all wild things outfit for my son, bought the book and had everyone who came pick a page and write a short note with their name on it to him. I’m all about keepsake things for kiddos. Also my son likes books so I always include a book for everyone to sign for him on special occasions or else have everyone bring a book for him signed by them.

We had a small party at home with about 5 or 6 other kids. All were between 1 and 4 so we had simple games, blocks, and balloons for them to play with. Plenty of food and snacks for them all. Not too much but enough to have pictures and memories for her when she’s older.

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I just did a small family and friends party with food and cake for all 3 of mine.

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Family and close friends

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My tradition with my kids is to take their birthdays off work every single year (lucky for me they are both summer) and we have a family day. No grandparents or parties. I have strictly made it our family day. Zoo, day at the park, beach day, indoor amusement park day, fishing, you name it.

In the morning we also get up and go get fresh donuts (for a 1 year old something else would work).

One thing I really wish I had done…taken a picture of them by themselves holding up the fingers representing their age.

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Ganna do a simple gathering with family and a baby smash cake/photos

I threw a party at my house. Made a big dinner and told people no presents. I didn’t do a theme just a color scheme.

We had a cheap little “princess party” at the park and invited our close friends. My oldest friends have all girls and they all dressed up in pretty princess outfits. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and got a princess cake and her own smash cake. It was sweet.

We did a small smash cake and just family

We did a circus theme for my daughters 1st birthday…had all the circus decorations, played circus music, had popcorn, a clown, giant clown piñata.

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Type 1st bday for baby girl in Google or Pinterest…tons of ideas

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Winter onederland with Elsa and Ana if she’s into that

Look whoo’s one (owl themed)

Just pick a color scheme and roll with it. They don’t care about characters or even the party as a whole anyways lol There’s plenty of time ahead that they will be picking the theme to their room, party, toys based off of their interests. I’d just keep it simple and save the $.


My daughter’s first birthday we just had a small cake cause I had to have surgery on her birthday

Pick what she likes cocomelon, blippi, Minnie mouse etc and go from there.u daughter’s first birthday was Minnie Mouse. I had a custom cake and everything

Fall into One

Whatever she’s into…my daughter was into minnie mouse for her 1st birthday that’s what we did. This birthday she was into spirit and lucky :woman_shrugging:t3:

We did twinkle twinkle little star one year old is what you are. With lots of stars and pink :two_hearts:


Invite extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, close friends, have a variety of kid friendly foods, some simple kids games, some simple decorations, ballons, candy, sweet treats, decorated birthday cake and ice cream.

VIOLA, every kid’s birthday party dream

I was a little tomboy, but my adoptive mother wanted me in dresses and all that jazz. Your little girl has brothers so let her not be too girly. She has to defend herself! Most girls end up liking horses. I would go for ponies. You can go for little girl ponies if you want, throw in a few unicorns if you want… but ponies are safe. A cowgirl hat, maybe a little outfit? I had double holsters with faux Pearl handled cap pistols, courtesy of my Dad, who knew me inside and out! Of course 1 is a little too young for cap pistols… but you get the idea… little girls love ponies!

I’ve done MLP as my oldest first and my youngest didn’t have a theme. We just got together. She didn’t care…she got the smash cake. So many options tbh

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What did you do for the boys? If worked, combine best elements, add a little girly (pink, sparkles, unicorns, etc) to the mix and get an over the top little girl decorated smash cake! Building on best of past could get her brothers more interested in celebrating.

Do want YOU want to do without stressing too much. It’s going to be great!


She’s 1. You’ll care more than she will. Lol.
Pick a color scheme and roll with it. Simple is best bc we so these for us to have memories.