First name ideas that go with King?

Ladies! I need help. I’m completely stuck on a first name for my son! I know his middle name will be King & of course his father’s last name. But im stumped on a first name!! Heeeeelp.


Seven, is a great boys name and very few boys have it

Boston. Dallas. Braxton. Ezrah. Titan.

My friend sons last name is king his 1st name is Mason

. Ryker
. Aaron
. Brexton
. Dimitri
. Carter
. Emmett
. Finn
. Gregory
. Hayden
. Elijah
. Jett
. Jace
. Kyle
. Keaton
. Maddix
. Maddox
. Noah
. Peter
. Parker
. Quinn
. Rider
. Rivers
. Steffan
. Trent
. Timothy
. Tom
. Wesley
. Xaviour
. Zane
. Zeb

Nathaniel King, Alexander King

My friends name Is ace and there last name is king

Nathan Gareth Andrew Ross

Knut/Knute/Canute was a king. Rolf/Hrolf/Raphael, Carson, Kayson, Anders, Grayson, Piers, Reynaud, Serge, Giles, Benson/Benton, Cary