First time mom. I need wisdom and advice

First time mom here with a 6 week old. I’m currently breastfeeding. My question is how do you not feel so lonely and isolated? I lost all milk supply from freezer going out so I’m currently just feeding, and pumping non stop to make back up my supply so I can’t leave home much right now. My spouse is working very long hours sense I’m currently off work still but how do you mommas do it? I’m struggling with PPD and anxiety and I’m just a wreck of emotions and so lonely. My SO literally gets home from work eats, showers, interacts with the baby for an hour or two and then goes to sleep so I’m by alone 20-22 hrs it seems with little to no sleep. Im struggling so hard to just not lose my shit. I feel like I’m doing EVERYTHING by myself especially when it comes to the baby and granted he does cook, clean and occasionally help with laundry. But what can I do to not feel like a spiraling depressed train wreck. I’m lashing out, I can’t get him out from under me to maintain my house hold and all of my family lives about 1,000 miles away and I won’t get to see them till next month. Please be kind, I’m needing all the reassurance and some words of wisdom on how to work through this without losing my mind

Do you have a friend with a young child? Are some moms groups around where you live?
If you live in a city you may be able to find resources to help you.