First time offense

I dont want to go into detail due to it being a long story i just have some questions.
My question is for a first time DV offense will a husband get jail time or just probation? If i dont go to the first court date where he takes a plea will the charges be dropped and he just have a no contact order against him for me?
Im starting to feel bad because he is a good dad when hes not this other person. We are just toxic together (argue all the time) He just needs some serious help and therapy where hes consistently evaluated. He has severe anger and jealousy issues. He shoved me to the ground punched walls and broke things in front of our children during an arguement.
No prior DV charges and didnt hit me.

You should go to every court hearing and make him accountable for his actions. Once a person puts their hands on you in any fashion, it only escalates from there. Being good sometimes does not excuse that type of behavior.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, as you’ve stated … it’s time for you to construct healthy boundaries for you and your children, and stick to them. Your babies witnessing this erratic and volatile behavior is seriously affecting them in a negative way that will follow them throughout their adulthood. You need to ask yourself, “Do I want to be responsible for my children’s inability to function as an adult because I didn’t take a stand to protect them”? Because, if you stay in this relationship with the way things are going … you WILL be responsible! Once you brought these babies into this world, life became no longer about you (for the most part). Every decision you make MUST be geared towards what is best for your babies.

I’ll be praying for you.