Four year old can't get over a tummy bug?

My little girl is 4 years old. She had what I thought was the stomach bug about 2 weeks ago. However, now she randomly will get sick and throw up. Sometimes she says she feels fine and other times she says her stomach hurts. I took her to the doctor and they put her on pepcid and requested I get an xray for her. Does anyone else have a child with Acid Reflux? What are some snacks and meals you make for your little ones?

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Sounds like a food allergy

Acid foods & high sugar food can cause acid reflux.

Sounds like a gastro issue. Get her checked

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Try the BRAT diet and have her eat light. If she can handle that then it could be a food allergy and you might want to go to an allergist to get her tested.

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Ok yogurt nothing. That. Has. Acid. In. It

Is it acid reflux?
My friends daughter was diagnosed with that.
What she actually has is stomach migraine and has hospitalized for it twice when it was real bad

Grape juice helps with tummy aches.

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While you are waiting for diagnosis, get her high quality probiotics (they sell drink like yogurt in sprouts), ginger, chamomile and peppermint teas help too.

This could be a gluten or dairy allergy


We had this with our oldest daughter. We did an belly scan and turned out she was so constipated. Once we did a clean out she felt so much better and was back to herself. Definitely get a scan or x-ray done. Good luck. Hope she feels better soon

This happened to my daughter. After 3 er trips and dr all saying something different with no solution I took her to Duke. It ended up being a bacterial infection and she admitted for a week.

I went through something similar with my son. Lasted 6 months. He’d have so many bad days then a good day. Threw up everything. After a bunch of specialists it just stopped one day. He has post cyclic vomiting syndrome. His colon intestines and stomach got inflamed after the stomach bug and never healed correctly which kept causing the diarrhea and vomiting.

Get her into a gastro doctor. I have crohns and went undiagnosed from age 7 til 23. Please get her checked.

I’m lactoee and man when my belly hurts everhting else hurts
Head belly puking and I pooop a lot

Daily chobani yogurt with probiotics and culturelle for kids tastes great so no struggle to get them to eat it and it keeps their digestive system balanced grape juice is also great to help prevent stomach viruses

If she’s having diarrhea, get some jello and mix it according to the box directions, but don’t chill it. Have her drink it in liquid form while it’s warm. And maybe try some natural ginger candy.

This could be a dairy or gluten allergy. Please please be careful. I went through this with my son for years. They told me it was just acid reflux come to find out he is completely lactose intolerant

I’m not a dr. It could be acid reflux but there are other things to consider…This can signs of type 1 diabetes along with excessive thirst/urinating,tiredness and mood swings (I know typical kid stuff. That’s why type 1 in kids usually goes undiagnosed until the child is in a bad state.) Ask for an A1c check it’s a simple blood test. If that checks out maybe try a GI dr for her tummy.

When this happened to my son he was 4. We ended up giving him Emetrol. It worked, but I’d ask a doctor about it first for sure.

This happed to my daughter. Our doc said sometimes stomach bugs can irritate the lining of your stomach & cause this. My daughter had to take 2 Pepcid Complete chewable’s every day for about a month. One in the morning & one at night. This did work for us. She was definitely better in a few days but doc was concerned it would come back if we stop the meds to early, so we did it for the whole month. We had no problems after the first few days.

Could be food poisoning, or an intestine issue.

Get her an endoscopy done …hpylora is very real …n donot let drs say it’s just acid reflux, gerd , indigestion, etc… until u have seen the sonogram and endoscopy results …please momma …sending prayers it’s only acid reflux .but definitely get different test.

No eggs no ginger ale…

I went through that everyday for about 2.5 years. I had to change my lifestyle and I had to see GI, I had a surgery for polyps and was on some kind of meds that they give you for 6 mos to make my liver produce less bile. Also had to be on vegan diet for over a year. Slowly starting to eat non vegan things but still take prebiotic and drink lots of kefir (instead of milk) . Herbal teas. It worked for me

Has she been around anyone with covid? Have u heard of MIS-C?

If your child has been diagnosed I would ask the doctor or a registered dietitian to help you with ideas for meals and snacks. We are not doctors on Facebook.

Get her tonsils checked. My kid had terrible stomach problems from birth until 6 years. She had abcessed tonsils that gave her low level infection constantly.

Sounds like a food intolerance or acid reflux. I would do bland foods for a few days and then start introducing what she would normally eat , however keep a log . Hopefully you can pinpoint it. You could also give her chamomile tea with honey to settle her tummy. Good luck.

It sounds like she may have some anxiety problems.Has anything changed?

Did doctor rule out gut bacteria?

Take her to a GI doctor. My daughter started complaining about stomachaches allll the time and after seeing Dr after Dr and trying everything under the sun she was diagnosed with CSID which is a condition where her body cannot digest sucrose (sugar)

Avoid oil curry peppers lime and anything acidic

Did you get the X-ray yet ?

Give her yogurt with live culture in it like Greek yogurt… it will help build up good probiotics in her tummy also help line her tummy if she has any and help with acid reflux … also 1teaspoon of honey will help her too…

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My daughter was the same way they put her on stuff like medical grade Metamucil to help with her digestion she has been good since then. I was the same as a child but docs couldnt figure it out. I don’t think its just an acid reflux issue but yes demand xrays and ultrasound and CT. Blood work. She could have a food allergy. I wish you luck.

Food allergy , abdominal migraines, or cyclic vomiting syndrome .

My son had it so bad when he was little. He still has flare ups occasionally. But they do grow out of it. My grandson was born with it. Keep away from foods that causes it

I was told there’s a new strain of the stomach bug going around. My son got it and he would be fine, then next day he’d puke everything up all day. Then the next day he’d be fine and it went on like that for 2-3 weeks and now he’s fine. Then my niece got it and the same thing happened. Definitely get it checked, but we just went thru this as well and we’re in Texas, heard it’s about the same for Oklahoma. We are also having a huge spike in RSV in both states since June.

Are you noticing any relation to gluten? Try stevia as a sweetner as well, it drives bacteria to the bowels.

When my daughter (she’s 5) gets strep, most times her only symptoms are fever and vomiting. Maybe have her checked for that if they haven’t?

If have acid reflux no foods that are acid like tomatoes, sauces i also have to sit properly up to sleep so I don’t choke for me anyway.

My sister had something similar but it’s only when she eats or drinks certain things. Maybe monitor what she is eating and see if it correlates

Probably an allergy to something eaten

My daughter had it and took medicine until she was one. The Dr said to not over feed her, better to do small meals more frequently. I would watch out with things like ketchup, spaghetti, pizza…

Try giving her some culturelle probiotics

I was sick alot when I was little, in the 50s, took drs years to figure out I was lactose intolerant.

A lactose allergy maybe?

I would check for diabetes and also anxiety as both can cause vomiting. Ironically anxiety about being sick can make you vomit!

Pickle juice and mustard will help. Also have crackers readily available. Get her some probiotics or good quality organic yogurt or kefir as well.

You can get plant based yogurt if you are worried about lactose.

Celiac disease maybe? They many people have it, but it can be hard to diagnose

My son is allergic to eggs it took us a little while to figure it out. He would randomly complain about his stomach hurting and sometimes throw up after eating. We got him tested and it showed eggs I would definitely recommend getting her tested because food allergies is very dangerous.

Did she start preschool or something new in her life? My son gets tummy bugs the minute school starts n it’ll last all year long until school is out n it’s because of stress

Have her checked for parasites and food allergies.

Quite often after a tummy bug or gastro children, even adults sometimes can’t tolerate dairy for a few weeks to a month while the stomach heals.

Definitely sounds like acid, I have 4 kids and each have it in some shape or form. Stay away from tomato based products and really greasy foods. Soda or anything with carbonation in it is awful for acid reflux. Orange juice and pineapple are bad for acid reflux too. Definitely have the stomach scan just to rule out any underlying issue, but if you limit the kinds of food and drinks and take the meds the child should improve. Good luck mom, it’s not as hard to control as it seems.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Four year old can't get over a tummy bug?

You know your child better than any doctor who sees them once in a while. If you think there is something wrong fight for a better explanation and a second opinion is an excellent idea. Don’t let the fact that they are doctors deter you from advocating for your child. They aren’t perfect.

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If your doctor doesn’t want to try an persue finding answers you need to find another doctor. If he can’t figure it out he should refer you to a gastroenterologist. Simply putting her on pepcid hasn’t helped so someone needs to figure it out. There’s a reason to randomly throw up. Could be indigestion…could be pylori(my son had this) or sadly sometimes a heart issues causes nausea. Please push for answers! I understand as parents we want to count on our doctors but sometimes you have step away because our kids count on us. Good luck.

My son had something similar happen at three and it turned out to be appendicitis. There were a couple weeks of on and off before it got super bad. Have them do a white blood cell count to check for infection.

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I went through this with my son when he was five years old it was so bad that he carried around a puke bucket everywhere we went. I took him to the doctor every week and every time they would say it was from his chronic ear infection which was BS after four months of this and another trip to the doctor that same night his appendix burst and he almost died. You know your child fight for him you’re his voice.

Dairy and wheat allergies. My friends kid would throw up at random times and hurt. And they found out gluten dairy and wheat.

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Nothing w tomato sauce for my kiddo. Nothing spicy. Lean meat. Don’t let me lay down after eating and if they do- left side.


My boy suffers with reflux terrible he’s 4 but also have lots off food allergies and intolerances

About 4 or 5 years ago my son complained of pain to his stomach and would get real nauseous, I blamed it on anxiety because at that time anxiety was at a high. I took him to the pediatrician and they said it was nothing, I took him back and they sent him to a pediatric gastroenterologist. Pediatrician did blood work while we waited for appt and finally when reports were back and appt was scheduled the endoscopy showed that he had H. Pylori.

At the start of this summer my 5yr old complained of tummy ache at the mouth of his stomach and he said he felt like throwing up, and that his “heart was hurting”, it turned out to be reflux. It was the burning in his chest and mouth of his stomach that he was saying he felt. I stopped his eating/snacking times by a certain time in the evening and within a couple of days it went away.

It could be a number of things that could explain what your daughter is going through but if you feel it’s more push for more tests or a second opinion. I pray she gets well soon :pray:t3:


My daughter was the same way years ago anytime she ate or drank anything red it would come back up. They never figured out what was wrong with her but she was vomit :face_vomiting: at random times.

It may be more than just acid reflux. Get a referral to a gastroenterologist.

I’ve had stomach issues a few times (I’m almost 47) My doctor suggested drinking lemon water every morning (fresh lemon or lemon juice) after a couple weeks my heartburn issues went away. If ever I feel like it’s an issue I immediately drink a glass/bottle of lemon water. Ginger ale or Vernors (Michigan made medicine) helps get any air bubbles/burbs out. Hope this helps

GI Dr. is a good idea.


Did you get the x-ray?

Have her A1Cs tested. Is she having any other weird random symptoms?

Reduce dairy maybe.

But please speak to your doctor and get a referral to a paediatric dietitian.

My daughter is 2 had it for like 10 days no fever only 1 day of loose stools put her on the brat diet then everytime I would advance her diet she would throw up again. Dr prescribed Prevacid for 2 weeks said eat anything just avoid acid for a few days and she was fine after that.