Free things to do for Father's Day?

What are some free or very inexpensive things I can do for Father’s Day from my kids? We are separated and there is no guarantee that he will even show up for Father’s Day… unreliable is an understatement. But he says he will be here so I want my 7 and 4 year olds to have something to give their dad. TIA


They can make him a coupon book. Or even take them to the dollar tree. They have things there for cheap

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Make something, I had them outline hands, or feet. Make a list of things they like about daddy.

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Picnic lunch, go to a park if the weather’s nice, bouquet of 3 balloons from a party store.

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Get them to make him a card

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With him being unreliable and you don’t know he will show up I wouldn’t even be telling my kids to make things or buy things so that they weren’t let down.

Go buy a Father’s Day card and put it away and when you know for a fact he’s coming you can then have them sign it


Nothing better than a handmade card and a cuddle from your babies!

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Have them draw him a card and help them write him a sweet note inside it

Seeing the kids and spending quality time with them is gift enough, if he shows up

Don’t tell your kids they don’t need to be disappointed

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Go on a picnic- go to lake -

I stopped buying/making things with my oldest for her dad 6 years ago after I got him a pocket watch, knife and money clip set that our daughter picked out and I tried to give it to him for 6 months and he kept saying he didn’t want it. 2 years later he asked for it saying it was his and he wanted it and I was “keeping it from him”. Now when they make gifts for dads at school she makes them for my SO. She didn’t even think about making her dad one. She’s with her dad this weekend, But if he wants a gift from her he’s making it with her or buying it for himself.

Maybe they can make his lunch or something if he shows up? They make him a sandwich and a small fruit salad, give them some fruit to cut up with a butter knife.

Have them draw pictures of dad, frame them with their name, date & age.

Use a cereal or similar box & stamp their hand on the back with paint.

Get a plate from dollar tree & paint markers. Have them draw on the plates. You can prolly get plate stands at dollar tree too.

Make some food, like sweets.