Freezer meal ideas?

Hey yall. I need some ideas. My Aunt just passed away and I’m trying to think of freezer meals to make for my uncle. What are some good freezer meals for one? They didn’t have any children and I don’t think he knows how to cook or boil water.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Freezer meal ideas?

Portioned out homemade lasagne maybe???

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sloppy joes, chili, pot pies, lasagna, soups

Make freezer meals for your family and just put a serving aside of what ever you make


Pinterest has tons of ideas!

Pot roast
Mac and cheese

Lentils are hearty full of protein and freeze well! I make a pot pretty much weekly

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Chicken and veggies soup, butter chicken with rice, roast meat vegies and gravy, any meal in a freezer container

I make my family meals and put portion in containers I purchased at sams club and freeze for mother. White rice, lasagna, soups, veggies, and fridge items salad, eggs and purchased microwave items burritos, breakfast items etc

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Buy him a crock pot…they are like $20 at Walmart…(or an instapot…but idk how much they are)…I don’t have any recipes off the top of my head…but I use Pinterest and look up “dump meals” (basically freezer meals you dump in the crock pot) and I’m sorry for your loss


What I did for a close friend in the same situation was freeze a meal (or 2 if enough leftovers) from our dinnera and then drop off about once a month

I don’t like freezer pasta…I’d say go with cooking roasts, chops, soups, and mixed meats to make sandwich, tacos, burgers, and also just prep some casseroles.

They also have meals that you can put in the microwave that are ready. Pit roast or chicken with mash potatoes. My grandparents love them.

Spaghetti bolognese
Chow mein
Freeze any leftovers

Spaghetti w/sauce hold up trait well in the freezer. So does lasagna cut into portioned sizes.

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Curried lentils are tasty you can add thinly sliced onions to the lentils and add the curry. Chicken Vindaloo seems to be acceptable to almost anyone who tastes it.

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When my mother passed, her “friend” was lost. Didn’t know how to cook, had no family to help him out. I would make meatloaf, spaghetti & meat sauce, shrimp & some other freezables. I would portion them in plastic containers & fill his freezer. He would open a can of veggies & have his meals. We also took him out to dinner once or twice a week.


Give him whatever you make for your family, just make a little extra…pasta, hamburger patties, meatloaf…

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Goulash, chili, spaghetti, vegetable soup, fried rice, pepper steak, and Mac and cheese.

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Single serving portions of things like enchiladas, lasagna, single meals with meat, potatoes, rice, vegetable, etc all in the same container so he can just microwave it. Don’t do anything where a whole large dish is frozen because then he’ll have to heat it all at once and bother with putting away the leftovers and eating it all really soon. They’re are probably going to be some days where he doesn’t have much of an appetite.

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When cooking meals for your family plan for 1 extra portion. Put it in a Tupperware and freeze drop off weekly. Roasts, chicken, turkey, pork chops, casseroles, Shepard pie, beef stew, pulled pork, pot pie all are great options for this. A friend of mine does it for her mother who won’t cook for herself


Not sure where you are but here we have meals on wheels …some deliver 6 days a week and other places 2 days…
We also have places that make and freeze meals…good variety…and they deliver to clients… everything from soups to deserts…
At home no matter what I make I make extra and freeze…
Like stew, soups spaghetti sauce…pork chops, ribs…easy to fix on busy days…

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Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, veggies

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I like to make soups and corn bread casserole. (Minestrone, chicken noodle, chicken tortilla, and ham potato and cabbage-I’ll send you recipes if you’d like)
Or mini lasagnas! Those were the best when I was on maternity leave and when my mom passed.
My dad used to make sausage egg and cheese muffins in bulk and froze them so all us kids had to do was microwave them in the morning before school.

Cottage pie ,stew ,sausage mash peas and gravy, corned beef hash ,curry a d show him how to do simple stuff cook with him he will enjoy the company and something to do

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That’s sad he couldn’t learn how to be more independent before she passed away


soups stews cabbage rolls lasania could cook a roast and all the trimmings and put meals for one in freezer out of that

Soups, pastas, burritos, pizzas, fish, chicken stir fry, egg rolls… etc

My sister did this for my Dad. She bought the seal a meal and froze all kinds of stuff even deserts. It lasted him for a long time. She made pasta dishes, stews, just food that was filling since he wasn’t used to feeding himself.


It’s time to stop being a maid he needs to figure it out


Our kids used to cook for my husband and I while we were still in our own home.–freeze meals such as tater tot casserole, meat loaf, escalloped potatoes, green beans, baked beans, soups, pasta, stuffed green peppers, bierocks, mock chicken and dressing casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed pot. peas, corn, peach cobbler, or apple, or cherry—for starters! Good Luck!


Take him to go shopping with you once or twice - he will find out what it is all about! Good luck!.

Think tv dinner meals easy and microwave

Crock pot freezer meals. Put all ingredients in a zip lock once chopped etc… and that is it

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I am older and l enjoy homemade soups

I fix a man in my church a plate of what we eat and freeze it. Also I’ll fix a big pot of soup and freeze it individually. Same for sloppy joes and red beans and rice.


Cook meatloaf slice it, put 2 or 3 slices in a bag freeze them for his future sandwiches.


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First, So sorry for your loss. Second, talk to said Uncle and ASK if he has any cooking skills, He may surprise you. Then offer to assist him in the cooking skills that he may be lacking and ask him if he would be open to the freezer meal ideas.I wish you the best of luck. thoughts and prayers for you and your family


Any noodle meals pretty much. They have little loaf pans he can just put in the oven. Or the Tupperware bowl can be thawed or microwaving. Tator tot casserole. Meatloaf

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I just bought some chickens and cooked some roast vegies and put it all in those silver take away containers and froze them, So when I want a roast I have it all ready. I don’t put gravy on until I’m going to eat one. I have done beef stirfry and am going to do apricot chicken and roast lamb the same way. There are lots of meals you can cook and freeze for him. Just remember to write what’s on top of the containers and the date you cooked them. Good luck!!


Lasagna, chilli, stew (leave out the potatoes as they get mealy), Macaroni & cheese.

Pastas, alfredos or red sauce. Burritos. Pizzas. Maybe some stirfrys, like rice, chicken and veggies. With different sauces. One could be teriyaki, one could be something else. Change up the meat too. Anything you can keep in the freezer and cook up.

Lasagna or baked spaghetti sheppards pie. Get some aluminum foil loaf pans and make them individually make. Each recipe will make atleast 4 individual pans and if covered correctly will last in the freezer. God bless

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Chicken pot pie meatloaf

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Home made pies,soups,make up bags for the freezer for him to dump into a slow cooker ?

Spaghetti, lasagna, chili, ham and bean soup, beef roast. All of those you can make a decent amount of and freeze several meals then just reheat in the oven with ease.

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Shepherd’s Pie, soups, chicken & rice casserole

Meat loaf and mash potatoes

I made these for my small family for when out baby will be born… i made them in like basically 1/2 the 9x13 big aluminum pans. I don’t have exact amounts bc i mess with mine a lot lol but these were the top 3 we decided on.

He may have very set ideas on what he wants to eat so take him shopping , ask him what he likes and what skills he has if any. Maybe cook at his home where he can join in and keep some independence. You also get very good ready meals now which he could have in the freezer if he fancied that. We have a delivery service here where you can order for the freezer and they home deliver. Its good food with plenty of variety and he may want to try that if youve got that service where you live.
Blended soups freeze very well and cheesecake if he enjoys a sweet. Any meat/chicken dish prepared and portioned for him. Pretty sure he’ll want quick and easy home made food so whatever you cook for yourself…cook extra and freeze a couple for him. Look into any available courses he could attend with people around his age group. It will increase his skills and let him mix with others

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Buy some meals from grocery store

Cook big meals. Divide in portions. Stock your freezer as well.

My condolences to your family. :pray:
I’d ask what he likes. Not sue cooking something he maybe can’t eat.
No store bought meals, too much sodium.
Crock pot meals, lasagnas, pintos, etc.
See if he has any dietary issues before seasoning too. Lots of salt isn’t a food idea.

Our Senior Center serves meals at noon 5 days a week…Mon thru Fri.but you needs to be some what home bound. They also offer home delivery …3.00a meal.

My friend always made a third meal when making dinner. She gave a week worth at a time.
And cook with him for the basics.
Dollar store for small aluminum pans

Sign him up for meals on wheels

Breaded Chicken
Beef stew
Hamburger patties