From SAHM to full time employee possibly

Can you post a question for me anonymously?
So this is kind of a question and also advice seeking. My SO and I have been together for 2 years and have an almost 1 year old. I’ve been home with her since she was born, partially because of covid and partially because I didn’t qualify for FLMA due to not being at my last job long enough (2 months shy) and therefor tried to claim unemployment (was only supposed to be until decemeber) however long story short my unemployment still isn’t straightened out. So now after almost a year of battling with them I was toying with going back to work. There’s a position at my old job that came up that is a little less stressful and a little more money, but I’m having a hard time just jumping at it. There’s also a chance I MAY not be qualified. I have an interview Friday regardless. But this is my second child. My first born was born my first semester of sophomore year of college so when he turned 3 months it was right back to school and right back to work. I only worked part time, but I was a commuter to school about an hour away, and went full time. So I was easily gone 60 hours most weeks. And it might sound selfish, but I didn’t have a choice with him and with my daughter I kind of do, and therefor I feel really emotional about just going back to work full time. My oldest is also starting school in September so that weighs on me heavy. And then my daughter would have to be in daycare because the same support I had with my son I no longer have from family. And not to bash on daycare or people that use it, but I was never comfortable with my son going. My SO isn’t really pushing me either way, but we are definitely not doing great financially with one income. We survive but definitely don’t flourish. I feel bad because he’s been the only one working for almost a year, and I’m 26 and I’ve had a job since I was 15. It’s not like I’ve ever had someone take care of me in any way. I’ve paid my way since. The intellectual part of me is just saying to do it, and get over myself, but my emotional side is worried I’m going to have a break down over going back full time just like that. And I’ve also been on food stamps, which I’m not super proud of, but if I go back to work part time, they’ll take enough of it away that I mine as well be home, and if I go back full time I’ll make enough that it doesn’t matter. But I’m not sure mentally I can handle it that hard-core all at once. And after all of the stuff with my kids, my SO has weekends off, and I would be working Tuesday to Saturday so we’d only have one day off together. Which is obviously not the biggest deal in all of this, but it adds to it. And we just started really communicating great after going through a bit of a rough stretch not even really with financial problems but communication and time spent together type things… So basically do I suck it up and take this job if they hire me? Or is there some other alternative I should go for? I’m honestly making myself sick over all of it.