FTM here, what to do about hemorrhoids and tearing, I'm 36 weeks pregnant

I’m a FTM and I recently found out I have hemorrhoids and a tear down there I was wondering what I should do I’m 36 weeks 6 days thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. FTM here, what to do about hemorrhoids and tearing, I'm 36 weeks pregnant

I had this. Run a hot hot bath and sit over the edge allowing steam to reduce the swelling and cleans it (I was advised this by A&E) or to do sitz bath (have a google) I also used suppositories to help me go to the toilet in liquid form as to aid in the loose bowel movement

They sell Sitz bath toilet lid things at Walgreens it looks like a bowl that just fits in your toilet that you sit on and fill it with warm water as hot as you can stand and sit on that two to three times a day it really helps bring the blood flow to that area so you can heal and I use hydrocortisone cream call your doctor and tell them you have hemmoroids they usually call it in it’s a slow process but the sitz bath thing for the toilet really helps then you don’t have to get in the bath tub three times a day and I take
Miralax every night to soften stools it’s tasteless just
mix with water …good luck and prayers :pray:t2:

Witch hazel on a cotton ball stings like a mf at first, but it will help with the inflammation. Leave it there between toilet trips, and follow up with a hemorrhoid cream. At night, after using witch hazel, spackle with Aquaphor to help the tear heal.

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Sugar mix with water. Into a paste consistancy… Dab it on and it will help with inflammation

Eat more fiber, take warm (not hot) baths to soothe the area, and prep H or Tucks witch hazel wipes (don’t flush, throw away), and prep H cream. Maybe ask your doctor about stool softeners as well.

It’s super common, hun, so keep the area clean and don’t stress to much.

I couldn’t walk for 7 day’s after I gave birth because I had them thing’s so bad. And the best thing still to this day is hydrocortisone cream. Nothing else worked better for me than that. It’s the best for swelling, pain and itching. Wash the area, pat dry and put it on.

Prep H, Tucks wipes and warm water.


Apply Vicks to the area…It works to take out the itch

Look up cabbage :leafy_green: leaves

This going to sound strange but noxzema( not sure of the spelling but its face cleaner) it soothes the hemmroids…Also at the health food store there is a product called hemtones…

U need to get the cream they sell it at pharmacy warm baths and try to sit on donut and try not to strain when going to bathroom or it will get worse

Witch hazel pads and humanoid cream help a bit. But u can also ask your doctor for a steroid suppository. They help a bunch

I had bith things bad. I bought a blow up doughnut to sit on, because the pain was agony. They sell them at all pharmacy, and cvs


In lamaze class way long long time ago…25 years ago. We learned that olive oil and a perineum massage would work wonders for helping to stretch that area and keep it from tearing. Maybe that’s not recommended now BUT I will say this. I delivered 4 babies 100% vaginally with no drugs and not one stitch. Everyone I suggested do this had the same luck. Do some research feel free to message me if you would like and I can give you some more help and directions.
Drink plenty of water. Increase your fiber intake and if you already have hemorrhoids then talk to your doctor about the use of stool softeners.

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I know this sounds terrible… but in order for that tight area to get the proper blood flow to heal you will need to have it stretched. I had multiple anal fissures and hemorrhoids before and after pregnancy. Good luck.