Fun pregnancy announcement ideas?

Fun ways to tell your parents your pregnant? (Its not their first grandchild) Fun ways to announce pregnancy on fb to friends?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Fun pregnancy announcement ideas?

I feel like nothing can be bad news with a cake. Maybe give them a cake with a little baby in the middle.

Or I, as a master pest, would buy a buttload of tiny babies and continue to place them randomly throughout their home, vehicles, drop in moms purse, etc. until they start to question their sanity and why there are so many tiny babies.


Keep it a secret and announce when baby is born. That’s what I did lol


Pinterest lol that has a lot of ideas. I think when they don’t expect it. It’s the funnest.

This is how we announced to everyone! My 3rd, his 1st child.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: kiddos are super excited to be big sisters!


My daughter asked for a family dinner and when I was leaving putting my coat on she mom something is falling out of your pocket ,reach for my pocket and it was her ultra sound pic , and with her 2nd baby she comes over to visit as I’m holding my Grdaughter ,she says mom took off her coat ,well my Grdauther is holding a flag that says Yay never thought nothing of it till I took her coat off and she is wearing a shirt that says Big Sis ,all off gard and happy memories here with this Gramma

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I like fun guessing games. Trivia maybe included. Don’t make it easy. Throw some curve balls. Pinterest does have some great ideas. Dig into the internet. My youngest is 22 so didn’t do this back then. Go super secret spy mode. PM me If you want

Put a bun in the oven… start playing the baby shark song as they walk in the door

Low key scavenger/treasure hunts are fun.

Send a baby rattler with teddy bear to parents…for gender reveal send pink or blue baby rattler

Tell absolutely no one and whe you start getting bigger sone one will mention it and wonder if your pregnant and just say no ! Lol

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This is how we told my in laws. My boyfriend and his Mom share a birthday so we told her on their birthday.


One FB announcement I remember - A friend and her spouse posted a picture of them in the grocery store holding a jar of Prego Tomato Sauce. Caption said “We’re Prego”. It was the first time I had seen it and thought it was adorable!

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Send a card saying “We’re enlarging our home by two feet” and you open it to pink, blue or other color baby footprints. I had friends, Ms. Price & Mr. Small, who announced “We’re having a Small Price increase,” so you can do something with your names for an announcement.

A box with a onesie, a newborn diaper, a set of kids dishes or something is a way to announce. Or get t or sweatshirts and put kids handprints on it with all the grandchildren’s names by a print except one with a question mark or the name if you’ve picked one out.

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This is season specific, but this is how I told my husband. You could adjust for whatever current season/holiday!

I called my parents and told them then for Facebook I took a selfie with a shirt that said knocked up :rofl:

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We kept it a secret since it most definitely wasn’t planned, and waited for the following holiday which was Easter (about 1.5 months after we found out) to ensure we made it past the 12 week and to find out the sex so we could reveal it all out there at once. Our 2 girls didn’t even know. I ordered them shirts and had them put it on the day we all gathered for Easter. Our girls never paid attention to what the shirts said :joy::joy: we went to the gathering and waited to see if anyone would notice what it said. My mother in law was the first to notice. It was ecstatic once people started coming to see what the commotion was about. Our girls was excited to be secretly apart of the it, and we let them do the silly string to reveal they would indeed have a little sister.