Gender neutral clothes

Me and my fiancé are thinking of keeping the gender of our baby a surprise until birth. Did anyone else do this and was it hard to find gender neutral clothes.


Target has some really cute gender neutral baby clothes.

I have a friend who did this and they just waited and bought clothes after the baby was born! Like one parent went to Target after they found out what the gender was.

Get green or yellow, what parents did when ultrasound wasnt avaiable

I am currently doing this! We are on baby #4 due in Dec and I am waiting til baby is born. Consignment places are great places to check for gender neutral clothes. Also target does have some cute baby stuff. And amazon has gender neutral stuff. I’ve been looking around.

I did with youngest and now this one will find out soon im 38 weeks and it wadnt hard just stick with greens yellows grays blacks I personally love green and teal colors for both so that’s what I get

I had to do this for my first , I only had one ultrasound at 22 weeks and they couldn’t tell me the gender. I found plenty of neutral newborn stuff like onesies and sleep sacks and then had one super cute girl outfit and one super cute boy outfit and brought them both to hospital . I actually kept the other outfit for next time . Babyshower folks got neutral stuff and mostly gift cards for clothes.

It was a surprise for me but my fiance knew

We did. It was worth the wait. I totally recommend it. Gender neutral stuff was easy to find. It also helps you to not go overboard when buying baby stuff.

My parents did it but I’m impatient and don’t like gender neutral things :rofl:

I did it with my last . I had 2 girl and hubby said if it was another girl he would die .so our last we kept a secret and when I had the baby the nurse was so excited she screamed HE HAS BALLS. I cried it was amazing. We bought things after he was born worked great

My husband and I kept our son’s gender a secret until the baby shower but we had no problem finding gender neutral clothes. Lots of gray, black, white, pastel blues and greens, yellow, etc. We also aren’t picky so my son has some “girl’s clothes” in his wardrobe because we thought they were cute.

I couldnt wait to know with my kids but always thought it would be fun to. Get green teal yellow grey black and white. And get one boy outfit nd one girl outfit to take to the hospital. Then once you have the baby go shopping. :blush:

My first two we didn’t find out the gender and with our last one my husband and our two sons talked me into it. I regretted it! I loved having the surprise in the delivery room with my two sons. Only buy what you really need a head of time, a couple of onsies, diaper shirts, a couple socks, receiving blanket etc.

My husband did not want to know the gender but I did so I found out and let him be surprised the day our daughter was born.

It is hard to find gender neutral clothes. We were gifted mostly white, but it was awesome cause then you can just throw everything in the wash together. Less work in the beginning when you’re super tired.

Gender neutral clothing is easy but not AS much fun. Same with painting room and everything else

Buy a out fit for both sex and when baby comes go shopping

My cousin didn’t know what her baby was until he was born. It wasn’t hard finding gender neutral stuff. She just got a few things and then bought more after he was born.

I didn’t find out tell birth with my last. It was a pain lol but I have a 2yr old so I still had baby clothes lol but wasn’t expecting what I got lol ended up with a girl lol and was honestly thinking boy the whole time lol only had like 2 girl outfits that were givin to me

Didn’t know with either of mine so I bought yellow and mint green,white

I like gender neutral clothes, but I often find that if I don’t put at least one pink thing on my baby, everyone assumes she’s a boy. I guess boys get blue AND neutral tones anymore :unamused:

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Hard to find neutral clothes :roll_eyes:

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I did 3 times, never regretted it, never doubted it, and would do again. Nothing beat the feeling of excitement and then happiness when the doctor said…”It’s a _____!” Also our fiends and family had a great time prior to each birth guess what sex the baby would be, the birthday, weight, etc
In terms of baby clothes… you will get plenty of gifts once the baby is born with the correct colors. And for everything major, the color didnt matter because we knew we would be using that same stuff for each of our kids (the swing, car seat, bedding, etc).
For each of our kids I bought one going home outfit for a girl and one for a boy and packed them for the hospital, I returned the one I didn’t use.
As far as painting the room… we did blue sky and puffy cloudy on the ceiling and walls with cute bugs and flowers and wall. We had each baby use that room before moving them to a big boy/girl room.

I’ve heard of couples letting only 1 super trustworthy person to know and they give them money to go do some shopping that’s for the specific gender so they had some clothes and they just pretty much got all the essentials like diapers, wipes, etc…

We didnt find out. It was really easy finding neutral clothes. And neutral everything actually.

Were not finding out till birth either since this is our rainbow baby. I had a son before however all of the clothes I brought were neutral, not in color wise but like with animals. It’s a lot easier if you dont want to do colors.

30 years ago when I had mine we never knew the gender. And we survived! Lol

I did and loved it. It’s the only surprise.

I wanna do this kinda. But my man doesnt lol.

My daughter did this and she loved it. Neutral clothes wasn’t hard to find

Green and yellow they sell box sets on Amazon

It’s wonderful! I did it with one of mine. The surprise of finding out gender after giving birth was amazing. They always say “It’s a boy!” Or “It’s a girl!”, but it’s different when you didn’t already know.

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My daughter did with her 3rd baby. She went with “You are My Sunshine” theme, gray and yellow and gender neutral till the baby got here. 3rd little girl, so it was easy to just add "Girly " colors to the gray and yellow. And as a bonus she is carrying on the “You are My Sunshine” theme for her 1sr birthday.

Gender reveal is relatively new. We never knew what our kids were going to be years ago. Everything worked out fine. There really are no good surprises except babies. Now a days people know what the are having, when and what the name will be. Surprises are better

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Id rather know only bc from the guess a month ago til finding out now that its nit as fun shopping for neutral things as knowing for sure. Id rather know. Harder to find neutral stuff. At least cute. But i dont want just that id rather know to actually shop cute stuff not be bland

Limited to sleepers t shirts gowns white yellow green

Yellow and green. Old favorites from 50s

We waited with our daughter until she was born. Bought a couple outfits for either gender. Saved the money we would have spent on clothes and just bought them after she was born.

Honey clothing doesn’t have vaginas or penises just put them in clothes you think is appropriate. My daughter shops on both sides and my son wears her clothes


You really don’t need to get many clothes until after baby is born. Just get a few gender neutral onesies/sleepers and get the rest when baby is born. Plus lots of visitors will most likely bring a little outfit once the baby is born and they find out what it is :slightly_smiling_face:

With both my children…to me it was like getting up on Christmas morning as a kid , there’s the wrapped present looking pretty but that didn’t matter it was the surprise when you opened it that was the gift that you were over joyed with. That’s why I didn’t want to know. My children were that surprise,the joy ,the gift after the labor.

I wanted to do that with all 3 of mine. But my husband @ the time wanted to know. But for my 3rd I waited & I wish I did that with all 3! It’s so fun. & they actually have a lot of cute gender neutral clothes. Plus one the baby is born people can give you clothes too :wink:

Wait till delivery…it’s the BEST surprise ever! No regrets x 3​:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Pregnant with my 4th, and for the first time we’re waiting until birth to find out the baby’s gender! I’m super excited for the wait and to hear boy or girl after labor! We’ll be sticking to a lot of white and grays, yellows and greens but trying to not buy much clothes until after the baby is born.

We did with our last which was our 6th child.

We did it with ours. It drove everyone insane, which just made it all the better :joy:
It helped with our baby shower though. We didnt get all clothes gender specific, we got a lot of onesies and stuff we could use, if we decided to have more children.

We did with our first, intended to with our 2nd and 3rd but we peeked both times… Lol… It was an awesome addition to birth to also learn the sex when we did wait. We just went with orange and green until he was born.

With baby #2, I wanted to know if we could reuse clothing or if we were in for the expense of a whole new wardrobe. Baby #3 came 14 years later, so obviously we had nothing for her, planned to wait but just couldn’t do it…

We painted 1st child’s room yellow. All they need at first are love, diapers, milk, onesies & sleepers. We put my son in lavender and pink jammies because who cares? They’re just going to sleep in them, poop, pee & spit up on them so you’ll have to change them out of it anyway!:joy: Once baby is born everyone loves to buy them gender specific clothes. My daughter wound up preferring boys clothes or very plain comfy clothes anyway. She even got married in a jumpsuit. :woman_shrugging:

No i hate the waiting.

Theres alot of gender neutral clothes… u can find alot on shopping websites

I found out the first two they were boys then after I didn’t want to know anymore cuz I wanted a baby girl and I had my baby girl and then I have two more boys I have four boys and a girl

We waited with our first. You dont really need a bunch of clothes right of the hop anyways. A go home outfit and some sleepers at the house would be fine till you know the gender and can shop…not to mentions family will want to bring stuff as well