Gender neutral names?

Im 20 weeks pregnant and live in California near where the wild fire started that resulted from a botched gender reveal and has caused so much destruction. Because of all this baby gender drama we are choosing not to know the gender until the birth of our child. I’m looking for some names that would work for either a boy or a girl. Any suggestions?


I have friends that have 3 children now. They didn’t find out the gender. They picked out a boy name and a girl name for all 3.


There are so many neutral names, just changing the spelling when the baby is born. Like Tony/Toni, Daniel/Danielle; Alex is a good name also for both.

My son Blake was going to be Blake either way
My middle sons name is Jackie

Just wait til ya have it & see what you’d like to name him/her then. That’s usually what is done. It’s what we did with both our babies.

I have 2 daughters, both with gender neutral names: Riley (Jade- not really neutral) and Camden Sloan.
I also love the names Logan and Blake.
Congrats on your bundle of joy!

I know 2 women with “boy” names & I love it, so unique. They were named after their dad’s. Calvin and Jeffrey. Their middle names were “girl” names but they go by their first names.

Why can’t you just do a gender reveal that doesn’t include fire or fireworks?

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My son is named Presley, but we know some girls named that, as well.

Or just pick out names for both gender & when baby comes you’ll be prepared


Nicholas/Nichole, Dakota, Bobby/Bobbi, Jesse/Jessie, Samuel/Samantha

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I know a girl damed Dannie and s guy named Dan ( Danny)

Hunter Casey London Corbin Shiloh

Morgan, Taylor, Devin, Madden which is my daughter’s middle name. Adrian

Tristan is gender neutral

I couldn’t imagine not knowing

My daughter’s name is Cobie… it’s Dutch… how about Kobe for a boy… (like Bryant!):heart_eyes::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tony or Toni. Spelled different for not and girl. Also Sam. I know a girl who’s name is Sam. Terri is another.

Almost any name is gender neutral these days.

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Riley, Cameron, Taylor,

Riley, Oakley(my one twins name is Oakley and she’s a girl but it can be used for a boy too), Charlie

Colby, Kirby, Sam, Alex, Taylor,

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Micah, Rylan, Reagan

Rikki, Joey depending on boy or girl u can change the spelling

Charlie (Charles if boy Charlotte if girl) is one of my favorite.

My Son is Logan
It’s gender neutral

Ryan, Evan, Taylor, Alex, Jamie

Ryan, Riley, Blake or Blaike, Sydney, Misha, Bailey, Lane or Laine

Avery, Taylor, Jean, Sean, Shannon, Blaine, Blair or Emerson.

Madison, Cameron, Skyler

We have lots: Riley, Avery, Peyton, Sutton, Devan and Morgan…

Skylar. Bailey. Laetyn

Tommy. Tristan, Logan, Kody, Jamie,

Francis for a boy, Frances for a girl… nick name Frankie

Robin or maybe Gale

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Robin (Christopher Robin)

Taylor, Jamie, Skylar, Blake

Mason - boy OR Mayson - girl
Garren -boy OR
Garryn - girl
Cason boy OR
Cayson girl
Carson - boy OR
Carsyn - girl

Good luck!

Cooper cordell boy
Jacenna marie girl

Some of you have no idea what gender neutral names mean. Dakota is being used a lot for both girl & boy


I just picked out a name for each gender. I’ve got four girls, ao I never used the boy name!

I have a Rhyann (pronounced Ryan)

Phoenix (rise from the ashes)

Amelia Jane Pam Katie for the girls J Justin J ohn Jim Tom Jay for the boys

McKenzie boy or girl my son’s (26) middle name

Boy-Jake, Girl- Jakelyn, Kaysly

Aww. I’ve done that too.