Gender reveal ideas?

I’m looking for cute gender reveal ideas. We have 2 other kids and this will be our last. We want something that the older 2 can be apart of.


I saw one online where they had adults dress up in giant inflated baby costumes, one looked like a boy and the other a girl. They had a little match and the one that was still standing revealed the gender :slight_smile:

Piñata filled with blue or pink confetti that the kids can hit

Balloons in a box, handprint the belly, egg revereal

A photo shoot with the other kids wearing a shirt saying “big ----- to a —” but put the gender on the back of the shirt and the hand print on your tummy as the 2 older kids turn around to reveal the gender.

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My husband and I found a firework stand that had a gender reveal firework thing so we got the box and and light the things and it started lighting off big blue fireworks :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Fill a huge balloon with confetti and one piece of paper with gender marked on it and kids need to roll on it until it pops.

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I loved watching the egg roulette or have someone set up a scavenger hunt that leads to the baby’s gender

Fill squirt guns with paint and let them shoot at a canvas.

We used silly string and our girls sprayed us with it:)

We did white tshirts and water pistols full of fabric dye for our gender reveal. Had my friends squirt us. Now we have cute tie dye shirts to remember the day.

My friend is doing a gender reveal for me when we find out what I’m having and we are gonna do a bunch of different things that people will think is the reveal (balloons, boxes etc) and then there will be one (not sure what) that will actually reveal it! The kids can pop balloons and open boxes and stuff! You can even give them a cup cake to take a bite of and see what color is inside!

I did a scavenger hunt with riddles to find out where the answer was here is one note card