Gestational diabetes and pregnancy

If you had gestational diabetes while pregnant, was your baby bigger than normal? what was their birth weight?


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Nope. 7lbs 15oz. I had insulin controlled gestational diabetes.

I have diet controlled gestational diabetes and currently measuring and weighing on the smaller side

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I had it with my older, she was 8 lbs 1 oz 21 3/4 ins long. I didn’t take anything, just had to watch my diet.

My baby estimated weight at my ultrasound 36 weeks was 8 pounds. I’m getting induced today because they don’t want him to get to big. I’m 37 weeks and 3 days today. I also have gestational diabetes and high blood pressure

I had diet controlled GD and my little guy was born at 6lb 15oz. He measured with a big belly inside of me until I got it under control and he came out healthy and average.

I was diet controlled and she was 7 lbs 7 oza

Almost 39 weeks, he was born 7lbs 1oz.

8lbs 6oz and 21.5 inches long.

Yes my son was 8 lbs 7 oz

Yep had GD with my youngest he was 10lbs 2.8 oz. Induced at 38 weeks because of his size.

My baby was smaller and born with hypoglycemia

Nope! They told me for weeks she’d be 11 pounds and she came out 7. I had extra fluid etc

Yes, 9lbs 2 oz with my 2nd pregnancy and delivered at just shy of 38 weeks. Had to constantly test my glucose levels each day

My wife was on a diet plus vitamins. My son was born two weeks early and 7.2lbs

My daughter was 7 pounds 6 oz

First was 8.9 second was 7.6 both born 37 weeks

I had GD with my fourth was induced at 37w5d. Baby was 7lb12oz
They predicted baby would be about 9lbs and induced because I couldn’t get my numbers I. Control at the end.
No sugar problems either after birth

My sister in law had a scheduled c-section at 36.5 weeks due to size and the baby came out 10.13 oz :face_with_spiral_eyes: very big girl

10lb 3oz, 2 weeks early. But my first 2 I didn’t have GD with were 8lb 13 oz and 9lb 3oz

6 lbs 8 oz at 39 weeks. I was diet controlled.

no mine was 6’7 19 inches long./

Kid 1: 39 weeks- 7 pounds 15oz
Kid 2: 37 weeks- 6 pounds 11oz

I had it with my last 2 pregnancies. My middle was 10.6 and my youngest was 7.15

I have it currently 33 weeks and baby is measuring 5lbs 10 ozs so they predict about 10 lbs by birth which they are saying they will take me at 39 weeks :woman_facepalming:

I had gd pretty bad and my daughter was 5lbs 11oz at birth.

Nope mine was 7 lbs 13 oz he was my 3rd baby

I had gestational diabetes but didn’t have to take any medication. My daughter weighted 7lbs 10oz after a week in the hospital she left at about 6 lbs. I had her 11 days before due date so at 38 weeks.

My daughter was gestationally diabetic my grandson was 6 lbs 5 oz.

She was 6lb 12oz and born at 38 weeks

7 lbs born at 38 weeks my other girls where 8/9 lbs no gestational diabetes

I was told by Ob that the babies weight being bigger is what causes GD. Most GD babies are at least over 9 lbs.

First 7.9 gave birth at 41 weeks and second was 6.8 gave birth at 38 weeks

She was about the same as her older sister. 8 lbs .6 oz

No he was tiny actually 6’15

I had GD and my baby was 8 lbs 5 ozs. I never had to take meds, just took my blood sugar 4x a day and ate pretty decent.

One of my daughters-in-law had gestational diabetes with one of my grandsons. He was her first baby. He weighed 10lb 3oz and was 22 inches long.

7.4oz born at 36 weeks

Nope. 7lbs 12 oz. Not even my biggest

I had GD, my baby was 4 days and weighed 7lb9. No meds, just checked blood sugar 3x a day, controlled what I ate and all was good.

7lbs. Right up to the due date for 2 of my kids and my last one was 5 days late. My GD was diet controlled though. It really depends on the person and how well they take care of themselves too.

Supposedly i did. My son came out 4 pounds 12 oz. I shouldnt have followed the diet :joy:

Be aware of that but it’s not always true! My daughter was only 4lbs I was so afraid she was going to be way bigger but she wasn’t

They had me on a diet at first but it showed I was way smaller than what I should’ve been my husband was a little annoyed because I wasn’t allowed to eat what I was craving or eating as much as I liked I stopped the diet within 2 months & she was still tiny I can’t image if I had stayed on the diet the whole 7/8 months how much smaller she would’ve been

I had it with all 3 pregnancies. 1st baby was 40 wks, 1 day and 6lbs, 6oz. (5lbs, 8oz when we left the hospital.) 2nd baby was my biggest at 39 weeks, 8lbs, 14 oz. 3rd baby was 37 weeks, 7lbs, 6.5 oz. 1st was controlled with diet, 2nd I had to take meds, and 3rd at first was oral meds then had to switch to insulin. I lost weight with all my pregnancies too :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: (they thought my 1st was going to be 7-8lbs but he was my smallest.)

My baby was 8 lb 9 oz my ending weight was 163.5 39 weeks. my first was 163 37 weeks And weight was 6lbs 5 oz

No GD here and my youngest was 9’3”. I’ve learned that nobody can really detect baby size these days. Lol

My daughter was born at 37 weeks and she weighed 4 pounds 15 oz. Completely healthy. Just tiny. I’ve had 4 children and failed my glucose test with 2 of them. None of them were big though :woman_shrugging:t2:

First 10.8 second 9.11 third 10.1 four and five (twins) 7.12 and 7.13

My GD baby was smaller than my baby without GD

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7lb 2 oz born at 39 weeks

I did . I don’t think I actually had it tho. But they even had me doing insulin shots. My numbers never were high doing it myself everyday. But idk.

My son was born 5 lbs 9 oz at 35 weeks

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter, she was born at 39 weeks, she weighed 7lb 10oz. With my son, I had no diabetes, he weighed 8lb 13oz

I had GD all 5 preg.
First baby 6 lb 7 oz
2nd 7 lb 6 oz
3rd baby 8 lb 6 oz
4th practically 9 lbs
I’m expecting and I started taking insulin but it’s causing asthmatic episodes and closing my throat also RSV infections.
I’ve had severe RSV in other pregnancies too Becuz of insulin.

Although If u want to avoid taking insulin
U can take herbs. Safe for pregnancy that help lower blood sugar naturally.
It takes 2 weeks to start working
It really does lower it!!!

I had insulin controlled diabetes with my first . She was 6 weeks early but still large for the early delivery (5lbs6) she would have been a big baby full term.

I have it again with my second, currently 17 weeks and can tell they’ll be a big one. :see_no_evil:

Mine were. 9lbs 2oz. 38 weeks, 9lb. 5oz. 38 weeks, 10 lbs 39 weeks, and 9lbs 10oz 36 weeks. 4 years after I had my youngest I was diagnosed as a diabetic. I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 3 years now.

My mom had gestational diabetes with me and I came out to 9 lbs 10oz :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

My 1st baby had no issues 9 lbs 9oz.
2nd baby gestational diabetes and was 7lbs 7oz

My son was little 2.96kgs/6.5lbs. Born at 38 weeks.

4.5kgs and 4.3kgs where my 2 with GD.

My daughter was tiny 2.1kgs born at 37+1

I had GD … He was trending big until 22 weeks and then plateued… they were saying he would be biggish … but was born 2.7kg/ 6 pound 1 at 39.5 weeks

I had it with my 3rd. He was the biggest out of all of them and born the earliest. He was born at 37 weeks and was 8lbs 14oz

Yep. Third pregnancy. Full term. 10lbs11oz. Four other babies, no GD, and except for the last one who was premature they were all right around 7lbs.

7 pounds 6 ounces, 37 weeks.

I was on nighttime insulin for my fasting numbers. Baby came one day shy of 39 weeks and weighed 7lbs 6.5oz.