Getting negative pregnancy test, but have symptoms

Looking for other peoples experiences. How late was your period when you got a positive pregnancy test? My period is pretty late but every test comes back negative. I do have a couple symptoms. Did anyone end not getting a positive with an at home test and have to resort to a blood test? Just trying to get some incite.
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My period was 133 days late. Symptoms n everything now my periods back n symptoms are gone but I was never pregnant :relieved:

If you got the COVID shot or COVID, that could temporarily throw off your menstrual cycle.

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I dont test positive till im at least 6 weeks along (well at least it worked that way 1-3 of my kids. Baby 4 I tested positive maybe 4 weeks along. (A day before my 1st missed period.)

I’ve been pregnant a few times and not one of mine ever showed positive on a pee test I always had to have a blood test

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Earliest I have ever showed on a test is 3 weeks. I had a blood test with my 3rd and my first two I was 8 weeks or so when I took a pregnancy test

I had this problem for 11 months after stopping my birth control.

Sometimes at 8 weeks then a test will show positive …
A friend of mìnes for both her kids she was Close to 3 Months then her test show Positive .