Getting pregnant with an IUD

I was wondering how many moms out there have gotten pregnant while having an IUD. A week and a half ago my SO and i did the deed totally unplanned on my ovulation day thinking we were covered by my IUD we didn’t freak out about it. I’m two days late from when I think my period should be and Ian just feeling down right weird. I make my coffee the same way every single morning and today I took like three sips before I was nauseous which never happens, I got car sick for the first time since my last pregnancy three years ago, I have these weird muscle pings right about where my uterus is and I want food things that normally I have zero interest in. I’m kinda freaking out a bit because I have the IUD but the stuff I’ve been feeling the last couple of days is very similar to what I felt when I was pregnant with our son. Have any mommas experienced this or I just going crazy?