Gift ideas for 10 year old girl?

I need gift ideas for a 10 year old girl. She’s not really into much other than art, but she already has a ton of art stuff. She’s so hard to shop for lol. I don’t have much to spend, so I need cheaper ideas if possible.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Gift ideas for 10 year old girl?

Tickets to an art exhibit or museum.


Any shows she may like? Or clothing styles? Maybe a gift card with her favorite character plushy or a sweater or sweatshirt she may like, so she has a gift and can pick out something too?

Tickets to movies, a water park, the zoo, or an aquarium? Maybe to one of those painting with a twist classes?

Movie theater, trip to an art museum, maybe something cute to store her art stuff in and organize it, go out to dinner, shopping spree…

Movies, plushies are the thing this year, fuzzy socks, nail polishes, decorative stuff for room , Led lights for room, fuzzy blankies, bead art stuff, certificate to.hobby lobby. ( never too much art stuff)


LED lights, skin care/ spa basket, cozy PJ’s and slippers

Journal or diary & a nice pen.

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Craft table? To organize her supplies and have an area designated for creativity. Walmart has a nice size little desk that would be perfect for a bedroom, look in the furniture section where the entertainment systems are.

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Pop it toys, makeup, anything tye-dye, nail strips, character hoodies, hair accessories, satchels/purses, socks, necklace/bracelets

My 10 year old is into fidgets and makeup.

A bag for all her art supplies look up trendy artsy bags

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Something like that and it’s not very expensive

Photo Ring light,
Galaxy projector for her bedroom
LED lights for her bedroom (the set I ordered has many many color abilities).

Hard when they aren’t into much.
What about diamond art ?
Its easy enough to do. Kits can be reasonably priced. Also a light pad and storage case are useful . I also have a fold up table for it and a craft corner noone touches

Does she have her own room? If so, maybe paint and decorate her space with her artsy style and a new bedspread, maybe some string lights etc. doesn’t have to be expensive if you buy at hobby lobby on sale or big lots. She then can have something to admire and build on to fit her own personality.

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Following because I need the same ideas ,:blush::rofl:

Bed comforter, posters, rubber band loom craft kit, fun card game: taco, cat, cheese, pizza, stuffed animals, jewelry

I’d go to five below. They have like everything that was already listed above for cheap. My daughter is slightly younger (8) but loves pop it’s and squishmallows. Claire’s was also having good sales on jewelry and hair things.

Find a local artist that does lesson and gift her a session :blush:


A gift card to Hobby Lobby or Amazon

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My 10 year old daughter is hard to shop for as well, I asked her to make a list, and one cheaper thing she had was some of her favorite snacks that we don’t always buy ( she can snack on them while doing her art stuff) sweatshirts, nail polish, fuzzy socks

Have her make u a list of stuff she wants and go from there.

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My step mom sends my some these kiwico boxes. They come every month with crafts to do. My boys love getting the box in th mail and doing the crafts inside. It also comes with a book. It’s a monthly bill but they love it. I believe.

Get her a gift card and let her pick out her own stuff. She may enjoy going on Amazon and finding her own gifts. I always loved being able to pick mine out at a teen.

Or do an experience with her.

When my daughter was that age I would hit up the dollar store. Get a nice wicker basket and fill it with mail polish and accessories favorite shampoo and hair products. Make up if allowed. Then next basket i would get her had all her favorite snacks from the dollar store and a movie for her to watch. For around 20’to 30 dollars she has nice xmas


Voucher for hobby craft an outing to an art gallery

My daughter is 9 and she’s into fidgets dimples popits and my life dolls she’s into Roblox too so I but her a card for money in the game

Make-up, nail polish, accessories

She may have lots of art stuff, but does she have lots of art organizational products? Amazon has lots of caboodle type art supply cases that she would probably love!

gift cards to Michaels or hobby lobby? makeup kits?

Gift card so she can buy whatever she wants