Gift ideas for a newborn?

Im due to have my sweet baby in November. just a month before Christmas! What do you get a newborn baby for christmas? Im stuck for ideas.


I would just get keep sake things. They’ll be too young to know or care. Baby’s First Christmas ornament or stuffy. Things like that.

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whatever the baby needs :stuck_out_tongue:
first christmas ornament, i did clothes because of the sales. bought bigger sizes

My son was born 6 days before Christmas. We got him an embroidered blanket and keepsake ornament. Family got him diapers and wipes and a wipe warmer

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clothes. teether rings blankets…

Clothes bath toys teething toys

We got a bouncer because we didn’t get one before. She was born Nov. 22

I got my little girl light toys and stuffed animals.

A bank and an ornament :slight_smile:

Babies 1st Christmas tree ornament.

My babe was born a week before (5 weeks early!) We did a playmate, blocks, clothes, books, fuzzy blanket, shape sorter, organizer cubes fox designs,

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You actually don’t need to buy your own baby anything for Christmas. She’ll be a baby. She’ll have no idea it’s Christmas.

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I got my son books, teething banana brush, outfits.

Family got him more outfits 1-2 sizes up. Diapers, wipes, books, blankets, and tummy time stuff

Blankets :heart:
Burp clothes💙

Make a homemade 1st Christmas ornament.

Baby’s first Christmas onesie;D

I had my son last November 9th. Santa brought him a couple rattles, a set of lots of links and an activity mat :blush:. He was pretty much too little for it all but it came in handy and month or 2 later…

Baby toys, teethers, play mat, toy things he/she will grow into.

Things they need that you haven’t gotten yet. Otherwise, nothing. They have no idea.

Nothing lol baby doesnt know.

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Anything you still need or wanted but didn’t get off the registry. This is an opportunity to justify the spending. We got our daughter her jumper/play saucer, an outfit, and a stuffed animal. Then diapers and wipes. I wrapped the diapers and wipes so it looks like she got more for her first Christmas so when she looks back it looks like we tried. :joy:

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Baby carrier, diapers, books, cloths, bath set, floor mat, swing, teething rings, rattles

Yesss! My daughter was born December 19th so I had only a few days to figure it out. Really I just her an outfit, pjs, and a two baby rattles.

Rattles, toys he can slobber on, teething toys. Tell family to get him diapers or clothes that are a size bigger so you have extra clothes.

My youngest was born december 13th. We got him some little clothes (newborns can NEVER have too many onesies between blowouts & spitup), a little Christmas blanket & a few little toys that he started playing with a month or 2 later. He slept through the whole day but it still counts, especially if you have other little ones.

Im also due in november

Nothing just enjoy your gift and bond

A keepsake ornament that she/he can have when she/he’s older


Sensory items! Amazon has a really cool Bumpy Ball that has different textures. And there’s the water mat thing and a cute mirror for tummy time.

I got my guy a cookie monster stuffed toy.

I had mine at the end of November & his 1st Christmas was just that, a lot of pictures with family & a trip to see Santa at Walgreens, but are yall serious with the presents?? For a newborn???


1st Christmas Christmas outfit.

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My son was born November 20. That year we put him some teethers and small toys in his stocking. He didn’t get gifts under the tree. He didn’t know the difference and it gave us one last bit of time to focus only on our older child.

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My LO was born Nov 10, we didn’t get her anything for Christmas, there way to young to remember. Family members have her gifts but we thought it was kind of pointless


Piggy bank with name on it. Something warm for winter.

Things you might need for baby. First Christmas ornaments. Family photos with baby.

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Do yearly ornaments!!!

Ive always gotten my kids clothes or teething toys for when they start teething.

I got my friends baby a cute Xmas onsie

My baby was born in November last year and was too little for a gift really so we got her some outfits and a stuffy :heart: shes seven months now and loves the stuffy so much!

What a dilemma ?? :grin: Specially when you don’t know there likes and dislikes :laughing:

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My last baby was born Dec. 3rd. We got her a “my 1st Christmas” stocking and plush. My aunt got her a “my first Christmas” dress. In the stocking we put some socks, teething toy, wash cloths… little things we would need sooner or later. Did the same for my November baby (1st baby). My 3rd was born on Christmas morning so we were not prepared lol

I would just get things that the baby needs. Maybe a a couple rattles, suffed toys, things they will grow into.

I didnt get my little nothing and she was born the 15th of December… It’s No point really, they wont remember it.

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Shit, I didn’t get my kids anything :joy:

Baby’s first Christmas ornament, baby’s first Christmas outfit :heart:

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Pacifiers, teethes, sleepers, a tummy time mat, a gym, bottles, bath toys, a soft doll. Really you can get anything uoinwant her to have.
Just because she’s due close to Christmas doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a Christmas. Story books, blankets, anything you want😊
Edit to add that I had one daughter born November 09, and she had as a big of a Christmas as her 6 yr old sister.

We have older kiddos, so we still got to play up the whole “santa” idea for the little babies, so its believable for our 3 and 5 year old. Im due in October, and i had a baby last september. I stuffed her stocking with rubber duckies and froggies for the bath, and got her a plush unicorn rattle stuffed animal as a santa gift. Simple. Cheap. And the bigger kids still believed santa came. Will most likely do the same for the baby im having this year!! Then we just wrapped diapers and a few baby items we needed to buy anyways, as gifts from mommy and daddy

My first baby was born November 9th and I think for Christmas we got her some soft books, a playmat for tummy time, rattle socks. The older she gets the harder birthday presents and Christmas presents get because we get overloaded with things. We have a simple rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read… I keep it simple stupid in my house.

My son was born in November, and I just bought him, diapers, wipes, and clothes lol

Soft blankets, maybe some toys they’ll need when they’re three months. Bottles, pacis. Stuff you would get regularly but just wrap it :woman_shrugging:t2:

An empty box, a laundry basket an a few wooden spoons! They never play with the toys! :joy:


Why is this a question? :unamused:

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Extra warm clothes, binkie, socks,

First Christmas ornament, christmas pj set, play mat, diapers, some thing they actually need.

Make misel toe paint foot print with baby’s feet, turkey hand prints with year for memory’s and a memory box wall art.

The gift of being able to keep a human being alive for the first month. Lol nothing… everything will be new and they will have no idea what’s going on lol

Warm clothes and blankets

Anythink, thier not pickie lol

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Newborn needs nothing for xmas. Just take heaps of photos thats good enough :woman_shrugging:t3:

Your milky boobs? :laughing: Start a 529 account for college tuition.

Diapers wipes and shiny objects that would be safe for baby

Is this really an issue to be stressing over???
Take pictures.
You will be soooo busy with a newborn and the holidays that just keeping your sanity will be a huge gift to your baby.

Buy something they can grow in to, jumperoo, toys, books, baby’s first xmas ornament, buy what ever makes you happy to buy! They dont have to use it right away, I love bargain shopping and finding things half off that my son can grow in to and grow with :grin:

A baby s 1st Christmsd ornament

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Things for milestones before they turn one.

Something that play music soft I have my daughter baby animal that played music
And a book called good night Moon and yes even though there only a weeks old baby’s like to be read to remember they heard your voice for nine months my grandkids loved it and my first grandchildren was twin boys . I have four grandkids and they love music and love to read

My first was born Dec 18 . He got a sleeper that looked like a Santa suit. And money we used to start savings for him

stuffed animal that plays soft music? One of those ‘white noise’ things they have now. Rain sounds are really soothing.

My daughter born December 4th.
Know what she got? New clothes that she couldn’t wear because they were too big. Did I buy them? Nope.

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My son was born 8 days before Christmas and the first year we didn’t get him anything. But my family just got him clothes and toys

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My son was born 12 days before Xmas and we really didn’t do anything. His grands bought him a tub and a little stuffie though. But for his 1st bday/xmas were gonna load up on clothes, baby snacks, and developmental toys! :black_heart:

My youngest was born a month or so before Christmas. I bought her a pack of headbands and a book that I wrote a special message in. That’s it!

We spent the year paying the midwife for her birth, gear, clothes, supplies - she got plenty of gifts already :joy::joy::joy:… And she’s not even going to remember it.

Love. And start a college fund.

Nothing , you’ll have plenty as well as gifts from family members . Save your money for when you need it . Babies are not cheap .

I didn’t get her anything major her 1st Christmas, I got her a new set of pacifiers, an outfit and a lovey (elephant head on blanket. She was needing them around the time so just gave them as gifts. I think I gave her a book also.

My middle son was born 2 days before Christmas and he got a teddy from Father Christmas, just so my eldest child wouldnt ask why he didn’t get anything