Gift ideas for child loss?

Please can someone tell me some places to get gifts for stillborn baby’s mums please :heart:

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Awe I’m sorry your picking up that gift. :sparkling_heart:your very thoughtful in your friends time of need.


Hallmark stores. The willow tree figures are always good gifts.


One thing that I would have absolutely adored was a breast milk keepsake necklace.

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I found things on Amazon. Our grandson was born at 22 weeks and passed shortly after birth. We got my step daughter and the daddy a necklace. They had the baby cremated. The necklace could hold some of the ashes. That way they could hold their baby close to their hearts. I also got her a hydrangea to plant in his memory. The funeral home sent her a little garden statue of a baby with angel wings. So sorry for your loss


You can’t buy patience, love, and comfort.


A necklace that could hold the baby’s picture or something with the babies birthstone from Amazon or even a local pharmacy might have something.
Depending on how close you are bring meals, offer to run errands or help around the house or gift certificates to help out with that.
Going out in public and having to face people after something like this is extremely hard.
Very thoughtful gesture :slight_smile:


Does anyone no of places for afterpay

Pm me! Or go to

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These are a few things we received when our daughter was stillborn at 36 weeks, 3 years ago. The keepsake stones an figurines were nice. Our hospital also offred a free photography specialized in stillborn births which was the most amazing thing i could of gotten. Nothing could beat that. An also my friend’s mom is a poet an she wrote us a poem which really touched a place in my heart an also one of my favorite gifts as it’s one of a kind an spoken from the heart. Just a few ideas.

Just an idea get a shadow box fill it with the babies items if you can the bracelet from the hospital & the outfit she had for taking baby home… I hope i didn’t make any of that sound rude as i was not trying to be… Hug her tightly lord knows she is hurt

A garden rock with the date engraved?