Girl baby shower ideas?

This is my number 6 child I will be having… I have 4 boys and 1 girl so far … the one we are having in July is a girl… we are wanting to do our baby shower but I’m so clueless on something different but pretty for a girl … please send all of ur ideas … need help with this


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Girl baby shower ideas?

Maybe do a “beach baby” theme.

Ashley Riley why’d you angry react? :joy:


Look at girlie dinosaurs


I’m do July 25th :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my baby shower theme is deers and woodland creatures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ashley Riley why’d you angry react? :joy:


I thought you just had a shower for the first.


What I would do is sunflower theme bc why not? I love sunflowers. Also like the previous comment. Maybe a beach theme or Hawaiian luau theme

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Everything purple i/o pink…pretty

Damn why are people mad reacting this?? Wth is wrong with you people

Butterflies or fairies

We’re having our first grand baby in June. We’re having the baby shower in May. We’re going with the baby elephant and roses theme. They have so much on Amazon


Firecracker/July 4th theme - she’s a little firecracker… or maybe a sunshine theme, a little ray of sunshine is on the way…

I did a fancy beach brunch with an all white attire theme! Literally loved it! :dove::white_heart:


Baby-Q (BBQ)
Pool theme
Fiesta theme
Watermelon theme

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I’m due July with a girl too!


Tea party theme mini sandwiches and desserts various teas hot or iced, lemonade. Use things currently out for Easter to help carry the theme

I did succulent themed. It was beautiful and simple.


We did pink, gold, white for ours.

What about Care Bears??

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With my first daughter… we done a ballerina themed baby shower!! It was absolutely precious and the friend that threw it for me done the most amazing job on it!! We grew up in dance together so I was ecstatic for that sweet girl. Do you have a passion like that or something you love? Something that brings you loads of joy and go from there!! Congrats!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

My last baby shower (3rd) was cow theme

Wonder woman,high tea time. Breakfast at tiffanys, daisies are popular too

Um, where I’m from one doesn’t do baby showers after the first child, and definitely not for the sixth. You have most of what you need.

That said, you don’t need a theme. Your future baby doesn’t care. Just have an ordinary gathering. Lower the pressure and hoopla. The theme matters more to you than to anyone else. Make friendship the theme. Enjoy adult company for the last time for several months.


I’m having my 3rd girl in June and for this one we’re doing a bee theme party :yellow_heart::blossom: (for babe-bee sister) :honeybee:

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If I had a girl it was going to be plants and like boho theme. Just muted pinks and hippiesh.


Sunflowers? Sunshine and lollipops? Pretty in pink?

I did a tea party/Alice and Wonderland theme for my youngest. It was beyond beautiful!

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Pinterest can be your best friend

Turquoise and peach baby doll theme

I did an ocean mermaid them.

We had pink jellyfish and sea horses hanging from the ceiling and mermaids on the wall. We took nets and put balloons in them and had pink starfish on them

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I did a pink Safari theme it was really cute. My then 4 year old picked it out

Maybe do a 4th of July theme? Our little firecracker be super cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have a December baby and had my shower 3 weeks after Halloween, which is mine and now my 2 year olds favorite holiday so I had a girly Halloween shower. For summer, I would do something different than what people would expect. Like a bbq (baby-Q) theme, or “welcoming our little firecracker” or " princess on the way"

An Alice in Wonderland themed tea party :heart:


Whinny the poo theme💛

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My question is did u have 5 already or just 1, 20 years ago?


Rainbow unicorns is always sweet and cute for a girl baby shower

Mine was winnie the pooh and I loved it!


Uh. Who does a shower for every baby? LoL just reuse your stuff and continue on.


I’m doing my cousin’s in flowers and unicorn have shower is in June she is due in july

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I’ve never had a baby shower for my kids, but I always liked Winnie the poo themes and anything with polka dots

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We did a nautical theme. Pink and navy were the colors. Anchors, boat stuff, mermaid stuff. It was super cute!

Schitts Creek, Sprinkle instead of Shower lol

My theme is Watercolor Dinosaur for my little girl due in July

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I only had 1 baby and that’s a boy my baby shower theme was DENIM And that’s also his name :heart_eyes: that would be a cute girl theme


I did owls with our girl. Our next we will just do a diaper shower with.

How about the theme of the day you met; just babyfied.

I did pink Mexican theme for a coworker

We did “A league of her own” theme with pink softballs and ballpark food.


Butterflies :butterfly:
Rainbows :rainbow:
Clouds :cloud:
Sunflower :sunflower:

My daughter is having a boy in July. If it would have been a girl we were going to do a tea party themed shower.

Unicorns, fairies, horses, barbie, my little pony, blues clues, butterfly, lady bug

I did sunflowers and baby elephants it was so cute

Do it n my daughters any shower April 10 theme is elephants n koala bears

YOU are giving yourself a baby shower?? Why don’t you just tell you friends to give you a gift - - -


Look up “Baby Q baby shower” it’s a BBQ themed baby shower I’ve seen things here on Facebook (but can’t find it) super cute theme.

Maybe a bumble bee theme?

Baby Disney characters?

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Sunflowers are the flower of Ukraine. If you did a sunflower theme you could have a box to collect donations for Ukrainian relief if you wanted. Have it away from the main action so no one can see who donates and who doesn’t, and a box so no one sees how much anyone donated.

BTW, congratulations! I can’t imagine dealing with so many kids at once. My hat’s off to you! :womans_hat:

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Instead of throwing yourself a Baby Shower throw yourself a Sip & See.

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Shower for a sixth child?


I’m due in July too!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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I just had a ladybug baby shower last weekend it was beautiful :beetle::beetle:

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my daughters theme was Minnie mouse and zebra so you could maybe try that

I would ask your kids their ideas. Kids are very imaginative. Also maybe do a sibling shower instead? That way baby is still celebrated but they get to join in on the excitement.


A gender reveal
Find a small air craft that can drag a banner revealing the sex of your baby

I dunno but for the next one you can do Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.


Granddaughters baby shower was baby woodland animals

Google girl baby showers so many beautiful things to choose from, my daughter is due in May we are having the baby shower April 23rd shes having a boy and I just Googled boy baby shower snd got so many ideas. Amazon has alot of cool stuff too.

Baby Disney characters

I would just do a diaper keg party! If you don’t drink, do a diaper bbq party. Everyone brings a box of diapers and they get to drink/eat.


Incorporate Dragonflies…they are a symbol of new life and new beginnings.

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I don’t get it. People are talking about showers to celebrate a new life. I thought that was the baptism or naming ceremony or whatever/however you choose to do it. The original purpose of a shower was to “shower” the mom with gifts for her baby. You can write “No gifts” all you want, but people will still feel obligated. Sorry, but I think it’s a tacky gift grab — six times over.


Every baby deserves to be celebrated. :yellow_heart:
What about a woodland theme? Elephants, rainbows…


Pinterest has some really cute ideas especially for thanking the guest who come to help celebrate

My boyfriends mom and sisters threw me the cutest one with all vintage theme toys! The centerpieces were all super cute buckets with vintage style candy and pinwheels. And there was vintage toys set up around for decor. It was really unique and it came out adorable.

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I’m due in July also, I’m doing a spring theme! Just cute flowers and pink. Simple and cute. Got mini flower pots and flower seeds for party favors to take home.

I find a lot of these comments about “why have another baby shower if you have 5 other kids” is just ridiculous and sad. When my babies grew out of a lot of things, I would donate or pass along to someone else in need so I didn’t have a lot of things for the next kid. Nobody knows her situation or what she’s asking for. She’s just asking for theme ideas…not your judgmental comments. This is probably why so many people are deciding to hide their pregnancies now because they don’t want to be criticized with negativity.
To the original poster of this question, congrats, mama! Another baby is another blessing to enjoy and love. Whatever theme you have, it will be beautiful. Have a safe and healthy delivery! :sparkling_heart:


Congratulations on your pregnancy and every child is a gift.

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Every baby deserves to be celebrated, and 9 times out of 10, it’s someone over 30 saying you shouldn’t celebrate new life. Catch up grandma! It’s 2022. We don’t want live by your 1950 rules. It obviously wasn’t working then, so why on earth do you think it will work now? Let US celebrate each new gift of life. My third baby had a 1 in 20 chance of being stillborn. You’re dog gone right if I’m going to throw a shower and celebrate her making it to 7 months at the time when she wasn’t expected to even make it that long!!!


Woodland, fairies, mermaids, pixies, legend of Zelda :rofl:, um fire princess stuff

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If you go to Church, just have it in the Church’s Fellowship Hall. That way there can be enough seats for people to sit in, watch you open your gifts, and take pictures.

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Unicorns are popular, Minney Mouse, a friend did Winnie the Pooh for her girl(including little hunney pots), my daughter did dainty elephants. Lots of choices!

For different, Wonder Woman. The theme is she is tiny, but she is mighty! Right have small plunko wonder woman plush on internet.

I thought baby showers were for the first baby? :thinking: then called sprinkles for the following kids ? But 5 kids already whew bless you momma