Give me vacation planning tips, please?

I’m wanting to plan ahead for vacation next summer, therefore I’m wanting to get round trip prices for plane tickets, HOWEVER, I’m having THE HARDEST time finding ANYTHING available for next summer… I need advice/pointers/recommendations please!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Give me vacation planning tips, please?

I know some airlines only have flights available 6 to 9 months in advance. So depending on what you’re flying you may have to wait another month or 2


Once our family got big enough we found that driving ourselves was cheaper, because of the cost of all those plant tickets, airport shuttle tickets, plus needing a rental car because we didn’t have ours. Gas for our car was cheaper.


I’d get insurance so you can get a refund incase covid shuts down everything again. Yes, it’s next summer, but we have no idea what’s going to happen between now and then.


Drive instead of fly and Look into Airbnb’s or cabins around lakes instead of hotel rooms. If you haven’t already take advantage of all of the amazing things in your own state first. A lot of people would be surprised at what their own states have to offer.


Too far in advance for most airlines. You can probably plan the rest (like where you are staying) and just do airfare when it’s closer

We have no clue what will be open this time next year…

Pick more off the beaten path places and you’re more likely to find vacancies. The Poconos vs. the Jersey Shore, Assateague and Chincoteague vs. Ocean City, MD, Midwestern capital cities instead of New York or L.A., Canada vs Florida or Mexico. Skip the Grand Canyon and go to a big cave area instead.

Or pick quirky places. Friends visited the biggest items on a road trip (biggest chair, biggest billboard, biggest fake dinosaur) or choose little zoos, snake and alligator farms, or a series of historic homes/places. My son & his dad drove across the country visiting iconic places & restaurants from “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

Just got back from a family trip to Land Between the Lakes and stayed in a cabin on Lake Barkley in KY. Boating, fishing, hiking, swimming pools, nature centers, elk & bison park drive through, planetarium, etc. for kids, and great bourbon (and a drive-through liquor store!) for the adults. Also dirt cheap prices for everything, especially food, if you’re coming from either coast.

I have a friend who lives outside of Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO (NOT Nevada). It’s a quirky town that looks like a movie set of the 1950s, and a lot of movies were shot in & around there including Red Dawn & No Country for Old Men. Historic train station, within driving distance of Santa Fe, Taos & the Taos Rio Grande Gorge & bridge. You don’t see the giant abyss until you’re right there. Also great Southwestern/Native American art & jewelry everywhere.

I’d be wary of international travel as you could get canceled or stuck in a country if there’s a lockdown/quarantine.

Visit fun friends (yours or the kids’) or/and relatives and let your hosts tell you about or show you all the hidden gems in and around where they live.

It’s always cheaper to book one way flights in my experience… and I’ve flown from the east coast to the west coast and back 6 times in 2 months…

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