Given a ultimatum

So my mom can be controlling and very into my business even though I’m 28 years old now. Well me and my boyfriend broke up because of him being really jealous, and now after a couple days and us having talked everything out, he’s wanting to get back together but my mom says if we do, I’d be stupid to go back and she won’t pick up my son from school and watch him while I’m at work anymore or anything. At the beginning of us though, she was jealous of the fact that me and him talked on the phone so much and hung out more, since I usually did that with her. Constantly on the phone all day every day with her, and it changed to also calling him, so we didnt talk on the phone as much. So, she’s giving me an ultimatum on her or my ex who my son loves and I do too and idk what to do :thinking: My son doesn’t know we broke up yet as we dont live together. I’m so use to my mom always being there and couldnt imagine her not in my or my son’s life, but I also love him and want him in my life as well.