Good app for my child to learn spanish?

What’s a good app for my toddler to learn Spanish??

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Language learners on you tube is good to watch

I use duolingo for myself but I don’t think that’s toddler based at all. They need to be able to read and write.

Tv in spanish. Thats how i learn most of my English. For years we were only allowed to watch tv in English.

It’s not an app, but I can’t recommend the program TalkBox.Mom highly enough for families with kids of ALL ages to learn a language together.

Not sure if they have language apps for this age but I switch the language of toddler shows on netflix, cocomelon, wordparty, etc. Easy to do and the kids still enjoy it.

My 8 year old is using duolingo and has really been enjoying it. The app offers quite a lot for free