Good apps for my daughter to track her cycle?

My 11 year old little girl just turned into a big girl and I’m trying to figure out the best app or ways for her to keep tract of her cycle. Any advice? Tips? Tricks? Thank you all in advance!!


Flo is great, and the most accurate one I’ve used, Ovia (I’m actually not sure if this one is still around, I haven’t used it in 8-ish years now) was great when I used it too. Theyre the only ones I recommend, and they get pretty good with predicting future cycles as long as she is imputting data accurately each month. :slight_smile:

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I use p tracker. I’ve used it for years

I use Flo and when we went to try and conceive, we also used Premom. Both told us the same days and predicted periods very accurately!

Mt daughter uses the “my calendar” app


Are u kidding. How bout a good old fashion calender. Ridiculous

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I always use a calendar. Any type of a calendar.


P tracker it has a pink flower for the logo

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Period tracker it’s white with pink flower on it. It’s great because it can grow with your child into her adulthood as well pregnancy mode also support groups but that may just be the deluxe version which costs a one time fee of a few dollars

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Period lite tracker has worked wonderfully for me for many years!

I use Flo and it is pretty accurate

Bloody hell in my time we uses good old paper calendar :joy:


Femometer, it has alot of detail

Old school. Calendar w happy faces…

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A regular calendar or the calendar on her phone with code words

I’m old school,use a calendar,need a app? You all need to get basic,you all use a app when to have sex? Get real

I used flo! It does talk about sex I’m not sure if you can restrict certain topics or not. But it’s extremely accurate, user friendly and free!!