Goodie bag filler ideas?

Looking for some recommendations for goodie bags for my son’s Birthday! He will be 4 years old and the guest list is children ages 1-6 years old. We are having his birthday at the crayola factory.

Honestly, I would do a coloring book & a box of crayons and a chocolate bar. I HATE goodie bags. I think they are a waste of money- half the stuff, I think I speak for a lot people end up in the garbage. We’ve done gift cards for $5 to an ice cream shop, McDonald’s, etc., We’ve also done a full size chocolate bar.

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We melted down crayons and made them kids names with them to put in their bags

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A pack of learning flash cards abc or numbers colors fruit snacks gold fish crackers a few party favor toys

Amazon- just type in goodie bag favors.