Grandparents rights

Has anyone dealt with grandparents rights in NYS?

My 5 year old son’s father passed away a year ago. I have been keeping it cool with my son’s grandmother since then. Being civil. Doing visits every other week. Letting her take him places. Now it’s getting really difficult. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She gets really snotty if we have to cancel due to my son being sick or the weather is going to be bad. If it doesn’t go her way she tries to tell me how to parent my child. My question is has anyone been through anything similar? Have you been to court? I feel like I’ve been doing the right thing. Im wondering if going to court would bite me or if it would make this situation better. Do I file? Or let her get to that point and file herself? I also need to add that I have been working around her schedule completely. I also have done additional visits and outtings. Usually if She asks in advance for something I allow it but its getting to the point where any time I say no or have something else going on and can’t do what she wants she becomes extremely rude. Nothing is ever good enough. Thank you