Group strep B while pregnant

I’m 33 weeks and just got diagnosed with group b strep and have to take ampicillin for 30 days. I’m kind of freaking out because my doctor said the baby could get sick. I guess I’m just looking for experiences where everything turned out fine?


I had it and my son was fine

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I had group b strep too and I didn’t have to take any medication. They treated me with IV antibiotics when I went into labor. My son was born perfectly healthy :blush:

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I had it 2 out of 3 pregnancies. Only gave me medication when in labor. Never had any issues


I had it my last pregnancy and was treated during labor and no issues :slightly_smiling_face:

I had it. I had to get 2 bags of medicine through a iv while in labor.

I had it. I was only given IV antibiotics during labour.

I’ve had group b strep with all three of my pregnancies. I never had to take any meds before labor. they just gave me IV antibiotics during labor. however my first came so quick, I never even got an IV. All they did was closely monitor her for 48 hours and check for signs and symptoms.


It’s not so much a diagnosis as just a positive for a bacteria that 40-60% of women have. I tested positive for it with both pregnancies, first was fine, I had the antibiotic drip as labor progressed and with the second they never had time to get the drip in! Lol she came out too quick

Itll be ok just have to have antibiotics while giving birth thru iv

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I’m positive too. My first child I didn’t get enough time to get antibiotics hung during labor and our kiddo had some kind of infection afterwards but a week of antibiotics she came home just fine. Second child I had enough time to get antibiotics and he had no problems. Third child coming anytime. My advice - once water breaks or you when you have consistent contractions get to the hospital so you have enough time to get antibiotics hung!

Strep b doesn’t effect the baby until birth, at that time they give you an IV of medicine that protects the baby as it is coming through the birth canal. Then they put a cream in the baby’s eyes nose and mouth to even further protect them. I had strep b too but if you let the doctors know when you go into labor they will protect the baby in every way they can. It is not harmful to you at all or your baby if the doctors take the right steps. You just have to let them know, even if it’s in your paperwork because things like that can be overlooked.

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I had it my daughter was fine

Babes will be fine, except you will be on it 4 hours before labor, Make sure to take your pill everyday. Google strep b it’s scary. Lol good luck

I had it and no antibiotics were given until I was in labor and after.


I know I had it with my first and he was fine, they gave me meds at the hospital the day I had him!

Just watch the meds dont leave you a yeast infection

I tested positive for it, they gave me IV antibiotics during labor and everything was fine

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I’ve never heard of being prescribed antibiotic before you’re in labor for group b strep.


I had it 2 of my 3 pregnancies. I got an antibiotic t had to take for 10days the first time, and antibiotics via IV during labor. And the 2nd time I had it no antibiotic before delivery, and only half the dose during labor( 5 minutes from the time I got to the labor and delivery room and had my 3rd son) so there for I only got half the dose. There is nothing to really worry about.

I had it, was supposed to have iv antibiotics during labour, unfortunately for me, my water broke before I was dilated so they induced me, then put me on the antibiotic … in the end I had an emergency section, my son never had any issues from it though, I’m surprised they don’t offer women a section right off the bat though once they find out they are strep b positive, if you have a section, the baby does not get exposed to it at all, I think strep b women should just be given the option of a section

I had it. It’s nbd. It Only becomes a big deal if you don’t treat it.

I will never understand this because you can still test negative at the time of delivery for Group B strep do they understand it’s something that can be present at all times and just not active

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They could just give you antibiotics during labor in an IV. That’s what they did for me

They can’t give you a script before I don’t think… that’s not how it works… I had it with both pregnancy and was given IV antibiotics every 4 hours during labor. Neither time was I given it before labor and it was a different dr with each

I had strep b and was supposed to get the antibiotics during labor but I had baby before they had time to hang the i.v. in. Baby came out fine.

Eat yogurt with active cultures to keep from getting yeast infections itll also help keep you’re gut healthy while taking antibiotics

I wasn’t told they could prescribe medicine during pregnancy and then I didn’t have time for the IV medicine for labor/delivery, baby came before they could give me the IV. Baby turned out fine, very healthy, no issues. They kept me an extra day to monitor baby just in case.

Baby will be fine. They’ll give you an antibiotic during labor. You can’t get one for it before. and just because you have it now doesn’t mean you will again. I had it my first pregnancy but not my second. on pregnancy #3 but don’t know if I have it this go around yet

Everything is fine and going to be fine. It’s nothing bad or horribly gross. Just take the med they gave you, take a probiotic too.
When labor comes they give you a IV, and the shot before. After they monitor baby an extra day.
My second pregnancy i had it again but didn’t have enough time in labor for the iv or shot. Still stayed in the hospital for an extra day.
Now i have two beautiful little humans.
No need to worry!

My fiancé was born with group b. He was revived when he was born, life flighted to the best hospital nearby minutes after birth, but now 22 almost 23 and the healthiest person I know.

I tested for it, given IV antibiotics and baby and I were fine.

Ive had it with all four of my kids and wasnt able to get antibodies while in labor with my 3rd and they were all okay they will give u an IV with antiboictics…dont worry it will be okay

I have had it with all 3 of mine and just tested positive with this one, they just give u antibiotics when u go in to deliver.! All my babies are fine!

I got a positive group b strep test too while pregnant, they said to keep baby safe I just get to take antibiotics whole labor. It can cause a respiratory infection in baby if they catch it that lasts for a few weeks. Not the worst thing, usually can be treated right away, etc.

My water broke a day or two before I went into labor and it was a super slow trickle so I had no idea. Baby was unprotected that whole time. They seemed concerned at the hospital but not much anyone could do about it. They kept me an extra day in the hospital to ensure baby was ok. Baby came out just fine, didn’t contract anything! So no worries mama

You just need to take the meds. The baby can get sick if it’s not treated. It’ll be ok

It will be ok. I had it both times I was pregnant. They gave me an Iv bag with antibiotics during labor. Both of my girls are perfectly happy and healthy. Don’t worry Mama.

Any drug you put in your body has many risks! I’ve never taken any meds and I am 54 years old!! You can cure strep with lime and honey!!! That’s what I do!! Never an antibiotic!!! No no no get the honey warm it up and put 1 tablespoon of lime and drink it. Money and lime combined act like an antibiotic!!

I had it with my first but not my second. They gave me an iv bag of antibiotics before I had her. Even if you dont make it to the hospital to get the antibiotics in time I was told the drs just keep a very close eye on the baby for 48 hours

I didn’t have it but I had a friend who did. They gave her iv antibiotic during delivery and they were both fine. Her little one turns 7 this year

I had it with my first and you just tell the hospital and they put you on an IV for it. He is completely fine he’s 3. My second I didn’t have it

Roughly 90% of females have strep B some meds are given and approximately 90% of the time the babies are fine. If you have questions ask your doctor/ nurse/pharmacist.

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Just take your meds I had it with all 3 of my kids. The 3rd one it showed negative so I didn’t get the antibiotics needed during delivery. 2 turned out fine 1 contracted bacterial meningitis and almost died. Take your meds and request to be given the antibiotics during labor even if you test negative afterwards. P.s. to ease you mind, my 3rd child is alive thriving and healthy after the meningitis. She does have some lasting effects from the illness but she’s ok.

I lost my baby at 40+2 he was still born that was down to strep b I would demand to be induced asap

They normally treat while in labor. Not normally a big deal as long as you are being treated.

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I had it with 2 out of 5 of my babies. Just if antibiotics at the time of labor and delivery and my babies were perfectly fine. If not for the test you’d never know it was even there, no symptoms or anything.

If left untreated yes baby could get sick but if you are being treated for it then you should be fine…just remember to tell the hospital when you are in labor

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I was strep b positive with my son. They gave IV antibiotics while I was in labor and kept us a couple of days in the hospital as a precaution, but he was perfectly healthy and fine.

I was gbs+ also but only had meds during labor. As long as you have the meds you and baby will be fine.

Had it with my second had IV antibiotics during labor and no issues.

I had it. My twins were pergectly healthy as long as you take your antibiotics.

When I was pregnant my Dr gave me an a antibiotic for a cold. Your Dr knows best.

I had group B and have very healthy six month old :heart:
When I went to the hospital to deliver they gave me antibiotics every few hours till I had her :heart:


I had it with all of mine. Took antibiotics and was fine.

I was group b positive with all but one of my pregnancies and was never given anything before labor. Just had meds through an iv while in labor

I had strep b. They put me on iv antibiotics when I was giving birth. He was healthy.

I had it with my 1st but am allergic to amoxicillin so they had to give me antibiotics for 16 hours before I had an emergency c section

I had it with my son. Despite him getting stuck in my pelvis, it was no biggie. They just gave me antibiotics during labor.

As long as you get IV antibiotics when you’re in labor it should be just fine.