Has any other mommas little one’s had seizures?

These are staring seizures and the eeg showed no results as to what it could be came back normal.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has any other mommas little one’s had seizures?

My son has had one seizure n it was cause he had a temp of 103 n it scared the living hell out of me literally n he was about 11 months old when it happened

I had staring seizures, kinda like you’d zone completely out. After numerous tests it was determined I had petit mal epilepsy due to a high fever caused by a UTI when I was a baby. I was on 1000mil of depakote until I turned 13, thankfully I never had one again! :pray:

Yup my son had one and had that same results about a year ago almost hasn’t had another one since

My son had one at 1 they are called febril seizures. They say it’s because of them running a fever. But my son didn’t have a fever that day they ran test everything came back normal.

Yes it runs on my side of the family. My daughters would have them. We got her a neurologist. She was on Lamictal which really helped. She is 12 now and out grew them. It was generalized epilepsy. It’s hard to see your child have them but just learn how to watch and support them during an episode.

My son had 2, one a febril seizure, one doctors had no idea what caused it. Two normal eeg’s. He is on medication and haven’t had another one since starting the medication. See a pediatric neurologist. Good luck!