Has anyone been diagnosed with polyhydramnios?

I NEVER post on here, just kinda enjoy the stories and advice I read from others…but right now, I’m kinda needing advice and or similar experiences…I’ve been diagnosed with polyhydramnios. I will be exactly seven months on Sunday, and I’ve had enough complications before this to be seen by the high-risk specialist in my area. Now that they’ve found this, they are booking apps left, and right and my mind is going everywhere. I am trying to stay away from google because of the horrors I could possibly find. I just wanted to know has anyone else dealt with this and the baby is ok. What were the major risks? I have talked to my Dr, and they said they would go more in-depth in details at my next apt Monday. Any other momma’s deal with this?

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Never dealt with it personally. It appears that it (obviously) does come with complications and risks. They may want to try an amniocentesis if they think that will solve the problem, and won’t create further risks. If that’s not a good plan based on your personal complications or it’s mild, they may just do increased ultrasounds and see you more often. No big deal, right? It is possible it could cause preterm labor or issues for the baby, but it definitely doesn’t mean it will. Good news is you’re already being seen by the person you should be with, so you’re ahead of the game! They got you! Ask lots of questions, and do not leave until they have answered you in terms you understand. It’s OK if they don’t know though. Sometimes you just have to breathe through the unknown. Trust the process. Trust the doctors. Trust your body to tell you if something is really wrong. You may not be in control, but you can do this, lady. You got this! (Disclaimer: not a doctor, just a cheerleader)

If you have a look on the NHS website about it, not sure if your UK or not it explains it all and they way they make it out, its not so serious, you will most likely have extra check ups, ultrasounds etc. But it literally says do not panic about it as its unlikely anything serious. Try and relax and see what your doctor says x

I had this with my oldest
There are lots of risks associated with it but you are best waiting to speak to your doctor or you will drive yourself mad sitting and wondering so definitely stay clear of Google to
I found out I had this around 5 months pregnant had every test done known to man ,it turns out my son had many health issues but the cause of my polyhyramnis was he couldn’t swallow the amniotic fluid (he has something called a congenital bulbar palsey meaning he couldn’t swollow)
I was induced at 34 weeks because his placenta started to fail and he was safer out that in.
He is now a happy 10 year old dose still have on going health problems but you would never know
Best of luck to you and baby

I had this with my first. They did extra stress tests on the baby, extra ultrasounds, and i was supposed to be induced 2 weeks early but my water broke on its own the day before my induction appt. Everything was okay and my baby came out healthy.

I had it with my oldest son. They had me on monitoring twice a week for the last couple of months of my pregnancy. They induced me at 39 weeks and he was healthy. Every story is different though. Good luck and try not to stress unless you know something for sure.

I had it with 2 of my 3 kids. I had extra ultrasounds & was induced with both of them. The only complication I had was that they were huge. (9 lbs 4 oz at 39 weeks & 9 lbs 8 oz at 38 weeks)

Its excessive amniotic fluid. Most go on to have healthy babies. Just keep an eye on things and since they’re monitoring you, things should be okay.