Has anyone been pregnant with Covid?

I am 24 weeks pregnant and me and my 4 year old just tested positive for Covid for the first time. My OB is aware, and has me tracking movements of the baby. Has anyone had covid pregnant and doesn’t mind sharing some tips and tricks to get thru this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone been pregnant with Covid?

I did at 34 weeks and we were fine just a cold


I was 28 weeks pregnant when I contracted covid. They gave me infusions. Baby girl and I were fine :slightly_smiling_face: she’s now a healthy 7 month old! Good luck momma :heart:

Also had it agin after he was born

I just slept the whole time, fortunately I had help with my 4 year old

I got covid at 27 weeks and everything came out fine! They had me do extra ultrasounds and a couple extra appointments but it didn’t effect him at all

Me and it was horrific. I was absolutely miserable ended up being hospitalized and the stress it put on my body sent me into preterm labor. Just rest and hydrate. Watch yourself super close.

Move, move, move!
Hydrate - water, organic coconut water, and organic electrolyte drinks
Increase vitamin C
Vitamin D - soak up all the sun you can!

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I had in January at 7 months pregnant and he was fine :heart: lots of fresh air , water , vitamin D and C and let it run its course ! You’ll be just fine mama :heart:


I got it around the same week of my pregnancy. Baby is born now and completely fine! Stay on top of your fever with tylenol and start taking a baby asprin a day

I was 31 weeks with my son when I got covid in January. Mine felt just like a sinus infection, I alternated between Tylenol and Advil for fever relief. Make sure to keep record of your temperature incase of high fever! Anything over 102° is recommended to seek medical care while pregnant

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I was almost 8m when I got it. It kicked my butt. I did alot of sitting and sleeping which was hard with a 5 yo at home. Lots of rest, fluids, tracking baby, and try to eat to keep up energy. I was told to do 4 deep coughs every hour your awake.

I personally wasn’t but my friend was when she was like 14 weeks with twins. She said it was basically a cold, she also had to take care of her 4yo. She just drank lots of fluids. Her twins were born healthy a few months ago.

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I was during and after pregnancy. It felt like a cold but didn’t affect baby. And when she was born I sanitized my hands before I held her and before I pumped and wore my mask and cleaned the house a bunch and no one else in my family got it

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I had it while pregnant. I literally just had the flu. But the covid tests came back positive

Im 34 weeks and had it 2 weeks ago. Very mild though. All was fine. I am fully vaxed and boosted too. Which i hear can make a difference. But it really isnt much to worry about.

Yes I did in January and he was born in March. No problem for either of us :smiling_face:

Yes, I got COVID while I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was fine my symptoms were very mild it honestly felt like I didn’t have anything just a small cough. Baby was okay. I gave birth at 38 weeks and I was still testing positive but me and baby were perfectly fine.

I never got covid but I had 3 friends unfortunately one didn’t make it (her body wasn’t strong enough for covid & a baby) but the other two had healthy babies. Stay hydrated, move as much as you can & eat healthy & track baby movements. If something doesn’t feel right or you think you’re not getting enough oxygen go to the hospital. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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I had it around 6/7 weeks pregnant. I am not vaxxed. I had one really rough day with fever, chills, vomiting, and body aches. The following 4 I felt fine with some mild congestion. I used Tylenol to manage symptoms. Try to stay hydrated and rest as much as able. I have a toddler as well so I know that can be hard. My doctor has me taking baby aspirin daily. She had me take vitamin D, vitamin C, Coq10 and zinc for 2 weeks (already take them so it was an easy add). Every OB will be different. I’m currently 31w5d and baby is doing great. I do get more frequent growth ultrasounds and will be starting weekly NSTs soon just to monitor everything due to having had COVID. Best of luck momma! For me having Influenza A was a lot harder in my pregnancy then having COVID, but like I said that was my experience.

My daughter had twice while pregnant.

25 weeks and have it now

Yes, I got it when I was 34 weeks pregnant!!
Was awful! Even being double vaxed i was so sick.
Try drink plenty of water & rest. Have panadol for fever!! It took me 3 weeks to feel better.
Just watch out for movements.
I had to have a ultrasound when I recovered just to make sure all was good

Rest, fluids, rest, fluids. I tested positive at 7 weeks. I was so exhausted.

I tested positive last Sunday at 35 weeks pregnant. That one day was my worst day, been improving every day since. My mom took our 3.5 year old and has had him all week. Other than being bored, cooped up in the house and missing my son, we’re doing fine. Just a mild cough now. Hoping to test negative by Monday, as I have a Dr appointment Tuesday and I need to be negative to keep the appt. :weary::crossed_fingers:t3:

Had it in January at 8 weeks was super sick but took Tylenol and stay hydrated and had it again last month at 26 weeks and was asymptomatic. No issues with the pregnancy, baby is growing on track and moving like crazy.

I was. Before vaccines, at 37 weeks pregnant. It was a long sickness & I was soooo sick. Lost taste & smell for weeks too. Baby was just fine!! :heart:

I got covid 7-8 month of my pregnancy no vax me and my baby are just fine

I did while i was 4 months pregnant, don’t worry yourself too much , make sure you get enough rest and boost up your diet with good nutrition. Your OB will keep track of you . My baby was born with no problem so far .

I got it at 29 weeks pregnant. I’m also unvaxxed. I wasn’t sick at all tho and baby is 100% fine and growing well I’m now 37 weeks. Keep your fluids up.

Try peeling 2 oranges and 2 lemons, 1 tsp of Vicks rub, and eucalyptus oil drops boil those for 20 min than put towel over ur head for 15 min. Shouldn’t harm baby at all. It saved my life.