Has anyone been told they may get sepsis?

Currently in the hospital being watched for pre-term labor. They mentioned i was at risk for sepsis and I’m really scared and nervous. Not showing signs of being septic right now. Has anyone got told this before? I’m really scared.


I did, I was 37 weeks pregnant… I started feeling sick 3 days before going in- chalked it up to a stomach bug… but when I went in it had to be an emergency c section because if they waited any longer I would have been in the ICU. All because a huge kidney stone broke and got lodged. You are in the right place and they will get it taken care of! Keep your head up!

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I work in a nursing home and have seen people be septic, it’s awful, a lot of people have ended up in the ICU because of it, can be very deadly if not treated correctly

What would be the reason? Infection?

I was septic after an emergency caesarean delivery. I went 10 days with an infection before I went to the ER. Was readmitted and on some pretty heavy antibiotics for weeks. Very scary.

Have your membranes ruptured or are they possibly leaking? (Water broke)?

That’s an infection that goes into blood. What broke? Did the baby go to the bathroom inside you? You are in the right place. Prayers

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I ended up in hospital in Feb with Sepsis. Infection that goes into your blood. No signs, either.

They didn’t tell you why?

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There’s a lot information that we don’t have here to give you an accurate answer. We’re you sick before you went in? Have you a had a complicated pregnancy? Past medical problems? Has your water broke?

Often times doctors will tell you what could happen (even if it’s not probable) just so you have all of the information.

Sepsis is an infection in your bloodstream which is very bad and can be life threatening.

I am unsure why the doctor told you that you could become septic but didn’t give you a reason why … more over why didn’t you ask?

I hope everything turns okay!


The doctors and other professionals know what they are doing. Trust their expertise. Every case is different.

I dealt with a horrible tooth infection for months (didn’t realize it was my back molar until 6 weeks into being sick) and when I finally figured it out (after multiple trips to the walk-in) I was SO sick. I had so much inflammation throughout my body … including in my chest and the pain was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. ER docs and my dentist were all concerned that I may go septic at “any moment.” I was absolutely miserable. Thankfully we got me on an antibiotic that helped enough so I could get the tooth fixed (4 rounds of antibiotics and finally one worked). That SAME night my fever (that I had for over 2 months) broke!! That was last week and I’ve been feeling better everyday (almost normal today… but still struggling with my energy level).

I had my girl @ 37+1 via emergency section, I had sepsis. She had to be referred to Manchester st Mary’s for surgery (not related), so I was looked after under their care. Not sure why I got it or how but it was lots of antibiotics and IV.