Has anyone dealt with their SO quitting tobacco?

has anyone delt with their SO quitting tobacco? if so please keep reading.

soo my husband chewed tobacco since he was a teenager and woke up and decided he wanted to stop… AWESOME! well we had sex the other day and he couldn’t even get hard… has anyone had this issue?

I’m asking because I’ve had 2 kids and gained weight this is the heaviest I’ve been and I feel like it’s me. hes not attracted to me anymore and it kills me. i have noone to talk to and just asking if anyone has gone through anything like this.

:disappointed: thanks

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My hubby used to smoke, i got him to quit twice and the last time he quit for good. He then went to dipping and i raised a big stink about it and he finally quit. He does it when hes been drinking but i also know when hes had a dip because i can smell it on his breathe. But he doesn’t buy it though. Weve never had any problems in the bedroom like that.

My hubby up n quit dip out the blue. Never had a problem getting or staying hard!

He should get his heart checked

My husband never had that problem when he quit smoking. All research shows quitting smoking improves blood flow, so he would actually be less likely to have these problems. Sorry.

Even if it’s not you he could obviously tell you feel that way and that could lead to problems.
Yes it could be a side effect though…what is he using to quit?

Some men have problem. I forgot Medical term for it. But happens alot talk to doc about it. My husband has take something for his problem.

he’s 27. And weve never had an exciting bedroom life, but weve never had that problem•

it could be stress … it’s hard to be in the mood when you’re stressed or feeling anxious which he could be feeling since he quit tobacco after long time use… I wouldn’t worry if it’s one time, it happens to the best of us lol… if it keeps happening force him to talk to a dr!

It could be the stress of quiting. Do not jump to any conclusions. Ask him to be straight up with you on how he feels about your weight. Which should never be an issue. Good Luck!

I doubt its you, hun… it could be a lot of things. Quitting nicotine can be stressful and that might affect it. Don’t worry yourself over it… but if he continues to have an issue, it might be worth suggesting a doctors appointment as that’s typically a symptom of blood pressure issues.

It just sounds like he’s so stressed from quiting that it might take a little extra something to get the job done. Being blunt try giving him a BJ. :wink: put your all in it and I’m sure he will be grateful lol

Try doing something out of the ordinary. My fiance when he takes sinus meds one of the ingredients he uses makes it hard for him to get up, stay up or finish and I always have to come up with something new to do. Stress does the same thing to him if he is stressed I have to find something new as well

Just tell him you’re proud of him for quitting tobacco and then tell him you’ve decided to take off weight. Then do it, don’t even mention the other.

He needs to see a doctor