Has anyone done gene testing for mental health?

Has anyone done the gene testing for mental health? From my understanding, it’s a test that’ll tell the doctors your levels and what could possibly work better than the trial and error method. I’ve been put on so many different kinds of meds for my severe depression and anxiety, but nothing seems to work, opposite honestly, and makes me extremely irritable. The test is not guaranteed and costs around $340. I wanted to get advice from people who have done it and if it worked before spending that kind of money. Thank you in advance!


I have done it but insurance paid for it but it was very good for me I hated trying multiple medicines

That is the GeneSight test.

If done at psychiatrist office it should be covered

But how can it be accurate if your on meds already.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Do you know what the rest is called or how it works?

They call it GeneSight if anyone wants to Google it. I had it and it shows which medications would be more compatible. My doctor’s office was able to do the testing and I only paid $50 since I make under $75k/year. It’s a cheek swab so no needles. It worked for me and we found a med that worked.

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Could this be used to assist in selecting medications for better pain management and rheumatoid conditions such as Fibromyalgia?

I did it a few months ago. Many anti depressants I’ve used were on the list of drugs my body doesn’t process well. My Dr described the results as green, caution (yellow) and red results. (Like a traffic light) Working with my Dr now to switch off one on the red list and another from the caution list. I’m definitely looking forward to better results with my medications.

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We just had a lady come do an in-service for our clinicians about that test. I work in a nonprofit mental health center. The company that was telling us about this test use it to better treat people with addictions. It apparently tells the best medications to treat you with to get the best results. I am very interested in it myself. Its called pharmacogenetic testing.

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My experience was great. Not only did I find out which meds work best but I also got more than expected. I found out I don’t process folic acid properly, which causes depression, and with a vitiman supplement I can help my body do what it’s supposed to. I wish you the best of luck and success!

We had my son tested a few years ago. He was about 10. Now 16 and on a great combination of meds. Because of that test we found out certain meds would not work on him and tild us why he got angrier on them. Well worth the money spent. Hang in there and dont give up. Takes time to find the right combination to make you feel better. Good luck

Some insurances cover genesight testing. I have had it done and it’s amazing the information that we have gotten from it.