Has anyone else had a phantom pregnancy?

I wanted to see if anyone else has had phantom pregnancy? I don’t know for sure that’s what I have, but I had my 3rd baby a year ago, and it was adopted, so it was pretty traumatic, and I am on nexplanon, there’s no way I’m pregnant, I’ve taken tests, but I gained so much belly weight. People constantly ask how far along I am, etc. It’s so embarrassing; I look 6/7 Months pregnant. I’ve asked my doctor about it, and they just say it’s weight gain.


Well they are not wrong. Pretty much all birth control makes you gain weight which sucks!! But I’d take a doctors pregnant blood test that way you know a solid answer.

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Dude if you’re pregnant you better file a lawsuit someone missed somethimg

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I gained 50 pounds with nexplanon after my first pregnancy and a common side effect is that it can make you feel pregnant. It could very well be the birth control.


Everybody carries weight differently and weight gain is almost a given with most birth controls

I was told if i got pregnant on the nexplamon that id more than likely misscarry

Yourve gained weight that is all.

Nexplanon made me gain a ton of weight. It was awful.

Birth controls often cause weight gain. Maybe try another switching to something else and see if it helps.

It’s weight gain. I gain all my weight I my stomach and hips, I look 7 months pregnant. Everyone gains weight differently and weight problems and feeling pregnant are both birth control side effects.

Phantom pregnancies have PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS
Gaining weight and looking pregnant aren’t really symptoms


Nexplanon is awful. I was only on it for 3 months and just got it removed a few weeks ago. Not only did I gain almost 30 lbs but my mood swings were all over the place. If I didn’t know for sure that I wasn’t pregnant I would have sworn I was. Honestly is probably the birth control and I hate to say this, but based off my terrible reaction to it I would never recommend it.

So this was my post. I’m not active, and I get periods, I am not pregnant. But is there any health conditions that make you look pregnant? Other than unexplained phantom pregnancy… I get gaining weight, but my belly looks like a basketball compared to my body, and I don’t drink alcohol.

Could be tumors or cysts or something else find a new doctor

I’m going through this right now. My youngest is 18 months, I’ve had the nexplanon for 1 year. Didn’t have any weight gain until 2 months ago. I gained 15 pounds in one month. Doctor is doing bloodwork to test for pregnancy and my thyroid. Also scheduled an ultrasound. I look and feel like I’m pregnant!

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I know someone that gained 45lbs on that birth control. Needless to say she is getting it removed. Not worth your health being affected like that. I mean unless you need to gain that weight. But if you do not then I would just go with a different birthday control. As for the phantom pregnancy… I have never heard of that…?

I went to doctor because I always felt bloated and looked 6 months pregnant. Was not on any bc. It was bc my stomach produced too much acid.

Maybe a thyroid issue? This is my 4th implant and I haven’t had any weight gain issues. Everyone reacts differently to birth control though :woman_shrugging:t2:

My 4th child was extremely big stretched my belly the most from all my 5 births 12.9oz 23 1/2 inches long at birth he looked like he was 3mos at birth so that and I gained alot of weight so no matter how much weight I loose I’ll always have excess tummy! And I seem to pick up more weight in the winter I’m like a bear in hibernation but with eating.

Nexplanon or implanon was what it was called when I had it, is the worst birth control, if you have pcos it causes the symptoms of pcos to go to the extreme and the weight gain is intense not to mention it doesn’t actually help regulate periods at all. I got it 8 years ago and did the full three years and went to get it removed 5 years ago and when the dr was removing it it broke in half and the pain when she was removing it felt like she was setting my arm on fire while stabbing it with a hot blade, now five years later I’m still dealing with the side effects of it causing my pcos to have severe symptoms and weight problems.

That nexplanon was absolutely miserable for me. I bled constant for 9 months. And gained so much weight so fast. It’ll make you gain very quickly. I only had it in for 9 months and got it removed.


It’s probably your birth control. Nexplanon is hormone based and can absolutely cause excessive weight gain. I was on the shot when I was younger and it was what started my weight problems. I gained like 60 lbs on it. And I was young and hadn’t had any babies then. I’m pregnant now with my 3rd and couldn’t be happier to get my tubes tied this time. No more birth control for me!

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Nexplanon can and will cause you to gain a ton of weight I had it for a year I bled the whole year I had it but it caused me to lose weight it had the opposite effect on me with the whole weight problem

I think it’s more likely that your nexplanon is causing the weight gain.

You can possibly still be pregnant, I never showed up on pee test with my oldest at all

I don’t think it’s considered a phantom pregnancy when you don’t think you can be pregnant. I think your nexplanon is causing weight gain.

Mabye holding onto to emotions that have not been dealt with are resulting in weight gain. It could be a protective layer. Honestly I have one myself.

I hated the nexplanon. Made me gain weight like crazy. I felt crazy while on it. It messed me up so bad.

Nexaplon fucked me up mentally and made me gain weight I also started going bald. So I would becareful of it.

You need to seek a mental health doctor. Sounds like you didn’t handle the adoption well and this is probably the result from it. I knew a girl in high school that had multiple abortions and had major guilt from it and she swore she was pregnant like for longer than 10 months. She wasn’t it was all in her head.