Has anyone else struggled with cluster headaches?

Has anyone had a really bad cluster headache that lasts for 3 days with one of your eyes hurting that shoot pains down to your neck I been to the hospital twice and cat scans everything is fine . I just cant sleep because it hurts bad.


Try ice on the top of your neck.base of your skull.

Chiropractor cured mine

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Make a Dr appt have them check your levels… Could be iron and hormones off balance. I get like that every so often

I’ve had a CT scan done as well and everything was also normal. I would even get blind spots in my eyes along with pain in my temples. I started a prescription migraine medication and that didn’t even work. Believe it or not, the only thing that worked for me was taking Ibuprofen and a nap, and I always wake up soooo much better. I would take 2 - 4 of the 200mg Ibuprofen, depending on the severity. Good luck!

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The only thing that has worked for me is cbd oil after having cat scans, mri’s, and trying so many different medications I tried cbd and within 2 weeks I was cluster free and migraines were down by 95% I used to have 3-5 a week I take 1500mg right b4 bed its 100% cbd called Just Cbd good luck I know how much h it sux

I have at one point or another . Probably at my most unhealthy. I also have light sensitivity so I have almost passed out getting a bright light in my eyes . Maybe see an eye doctor . Around this time to I had sinus issues and dry eyes . All overlapping each other .

I would get headaches for days 3-4 times a month. Took prescribed pain medication and it still stuck around a while. While I had one, I went and got my tragus pierced. It numbed the pain almost immediately. Took me a month before I got another headache. I went and got the other side done. It’s been a year since I’ve had a migraine! And about 6 months since I’ve had a headache.

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I have migranes and someone suggested a magnesium supplement I take just an over the counter one every day I’ll still have migraines from time to time but I don’t have them as much now and they are no where near severe which it worked for me but may not for everyone

Omg you just described what has been happening to me the last few years. Never knew how to describe it! Nothing helps either!

If I sleep incorrectly, my neck ends up hurting and I wake up with migraines. Dr. told me pain in the neck can cause a migraine. I use a therapeutic pillow and pop some advil.

I have had them past 2 days

Hot rice packs help me, also some benadryl and advil…

Yep! Just started getting them so bad that I had a CT done, all was normal, they did notice something pinched off in my neck though. They gave me a muscle relaxer (Robaxin) and Fioricet. After one day of taking those, it was gone. It’s been a few months and it’s come back a couple of times and all I need is the Robaxin to help it. I don’t like taking medication so I try to stay away from the fioricet lol. I wouldn’t even take my pain meds after my csection and gallbladder surgery :upside_down_face::joy:

Have your eyes check my granddaughter was having this to she has fluids behind the eyes

Sounds like migraines…
Talk with ur dr about co q 10 and riboflavin. I have migraines all the time and that had helped me alot.
Also magnesium might help

I experienced this and my doctor told me to try Sudafed 24hr and it worked.

Go to an optometrist and have your eyes checked.

I’m not sure where you’re from or what your laws are, but after 3 years of trying every prescription medication and otc that didnt help, my headache specialist finally said to try thc, and the thc oil is what works for mine.