Has anyone elses baby skipped a milestone?

My baby is a little over 7 months. She crawls/pulls around on the floor but can’t sit up at all by herself. Has anyone else’s child “skipped” a step before?


My son is 9 months he can sit himself up, and scoot but he can’t quite crawl yet. I’d give her a few more months mama!

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Yes my daughter crawled before sitting x

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My 7 month old loves her sippy cup but is barely learning to hold her bottle?

My first born walked at 10 months. Never really crawled.


I’m in the same position you are but my son’s not crawling yet he’s does the army crawl the doctor told me just to work with him more on sitting up that was about two weeks ago and now my son is pretty good at sitting up

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Never in history has a child skipped a step and been ok. Unacceptable. It must follow exactly the right checklist or all bets are off. :eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Okay? Okay.


My son is 5 months and doesn’t roll over yet. But is trying to scoot and can sit unassisted for a solid minute or 2


My daughter skipped crawling. Went from rolling to sitting, to climbing up, and then was walking at about 8 months. At 18 months she decided to start crawling everywhere like a baby. Lol

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My son will be 8 months in a few days. He hasn’t ever crawled. He sits up fine and today he was standing beside the coffee table, not for too long though.

The little girl I watch crawled before she sat up completely on her own but adventually got it

My niece walked before she crawled

My ex sister in law crawled - stood up and RAN lol
Totally skipped walking first lol
It happens :smiley:
Your baby will hit each “step” as she’s ready

Maybe just talk to your pediatrician to see how you can help your baby meet that milestone.
I do know that it is important for babies to crawl. My little cousin walked first so his Mom made a game out of chasing him, but they would “crawl chase.” It helps with development of multiple things but one is depth perception/ eye sight.
All babies do things at their own pace and sometimes we have to help them out. It’s okay if their time table is different from others.

My daughter skipped sitting up and crawling and went straight to pulling herself up on the headboard of the bed and bouncing. Then started walking after she eventually sit up

My son skipped rolling over. He never actually did it until after he had already started crawling.

My second son never crawled at 6&1/2 months he was walking. My 1sr and 4th babies walked at a year my 3rd son walked at 20 months.