Has anyone ever been a surrogate?

Anyone have experience being a surrogate? I want to do it, just not with my eggs, but I am worried. Please share your experiences, good or bad!

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I wanted to, but I couldn’t because I never actually had a kid biologically. I didn’t want a baby. I wanted to help someone else. If you can do it, you will make a family extremely happy.

My friend did it and I was super nosey lol message me!

I’ve had a friend do it 7-8x. She loved every moment, was open about it and even donated her breast milk for a year or better after.

I’m a surrogate. Traditional surrogacy (where they use your eggs) isn’t done in the US or Canada for legal reasons (I’m sure there’s some rare exceptions but I don’t know of them. Gestational surrogacy is what is normally used. If an egg is needed, the intended parents will get an egg from an egg donor first, and then use the surrogate to carry the embryo. I found going through an agency to be a wonderful support system that was there for me and all my questions!