Has anyone ever had a Bartholins cyst while pregnant?

What did you do for pain relief ? My OB wants to wait until delivery to fix it but my goodness is it painful.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone ever had a Bartholins cyst while pregnant?

I did with my 1st pregnancy. The pain from it was worse than labor. Mine got tot he size of a softball and made walking impossible. I was 7 months pregnant and it grew quickly (quadrupled size within a week)so my doctor decided to drain it. She used lidocaine to numb it (it honestly didn’t work) and then she lanced it, but was unable to completely drain it. So she had to leave it open and I took Epsom salt baths 3-5 times a day to keep it open and draining. After about a week, it stopped draining and I was allowed to let it heal on its own. I went on to have a normal vaginally delivery and no issues with it since.

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I had one and it was so infected what should have been 15 min surgery turned into 1 1/2 hour surgery to drain and drain tube in for 4-6 weeks, had to get packed everyday. And it was 1 month and 29 days before I had my daughter


Yes…ouccccchhhhhh …Epsom salt sitz

Never during pregnancy, but I’ve had it happen 3 times. Each time I went to the doctor and each time, instead of draining it, they sent me for MRI’s instead and by the time they got the results, the cyst had ruptured and resolved itself. They were AWFUL and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. So sorry you’re dealing with that while you are pregnant, I can’t even imagine!

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These are the most painful things ever!!. All I can recommend is baths. That was the only relief I ever had.


Not during pregnancy thank god but OUCH

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Hot baths with Epsom salt … soak that sucker n hope it pops

I had a pilondial cyst and it was the worst pain ever, the hospital numbed it with lidocaine which hurt so so so bad and then drained it and packed it. They said unless I got it surgically removed that it would keep coming back but I haven’t had any issues since then and it’s been about 6 or 7 years.

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Yes I did! A sitz bath did wonders!!

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Hot baths and it popped

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Im about to see a doctor regarding what I think to be a Bartholin’s cyst. I’ve had it on and off throughout my entire pregnancy, and at 34 weeks now it’s just come back. I originally thought it was sweat rash or something cause it go away within a week of me shaving, but always returned. It’s so painful

Try hot or warm compressed on the cyst to try to draw it to the surface to hopefully pop on it’s own. Good luck mama

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You poor thing. I had one with my first pregnancy about 7 months in. Went to the ER & my Dr drained & inserted a baby catheter taped to my leg so it could finish draining. It healed up enough around it to allow future drainage. It’s kinda like a ear piercing hole lol. This was 46 years ago & only one time it inflamed enough for Dr care. Good luck, Sis.

Hot bath , hot compress plus a antibiotic, it drained itself.

I had one while pregnant. I freaked out and went to the Er and they cut it and drained it and packed it. Followed up with my ob, i was on antibiotics, she ordered a Sitz bath that really helped and she gave me a low dose pain med which helped and i just limited my movement. God love ya. Good luck

Try sitz bath, warm wash cloths, and stop shaving!!!

I get a very small one every month right before I start my period. It usually resolves itself

Yes I did and have to have it removed at 24 weeks it was the size of a small watermelon! Tylenol and baths was the only relief I got before the surgery.