Has anyone ever suffered from post partum panic attacks?

Hi Mama, I would like to ask if anyone has suffered from postpartum panic attacks? And did you go onto meds, or did they go away on their own? My 3rd baby is three months old now, and I have started having panic attacks almost every day. I have never had them before. Just wondering if any moms have been through this and how it all worked out.


Also on my 3rd baby! I’ll say it’s different every time. I had these issues with my first pregnancy and it lasted till she was about 6 months old. If your concerned you should really speak with your doctor. Its relatively normal but they can offer you help.

I had PPA and unfortunately it did not go away on it’s own, I had to go on medication and it did help a lot!

Same thing happened to me with my 3rd baby. I didn’t go on meds, just had several meltdowns and then it worked itself out. I probabaly should have gotten help but it seemed to go away.

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I had it pretty bad for the first few months, and it only comes up now super rarely, almost 8 months postpartum now :slight_smile:

I had a panic attack while nursing. I was just chilling on the couch. Then boom. Doctor gave me medicine for anxiety.

I have panic attacks and massive anxiety attacks. I jus take a moment to myself because I’m afraid if I get put on meds I will be told to stop breastfeeding. Iv been dealing with it for almost 7 months. I jus learned to live with it for now prior to having my baby I was on xanax for my anxiety issues so it jus a day by day thing I’m working with learning to live with it rn. Oddly in my own case my mom says I seem to be handling it better than in the beginning so that’s a plus. I’d jus go talk to ur doctor maybe they have medicine to help ur case. I hope u feel better soon

With my first, yes… they put me on zoloft (hated it, didn’t work for me) and valium for it.

I think that you have gotten very good advice from everyone listen to your instincts

I sufferd with panic attacks for a year
In end i had to take meds for sometime.
So u can take for sometime with dok guidance
It’s just a phase it will pass with Time