Has anyone experienced a quarter-life crisis?

Has anyone experienced a quarter-life crisis? (It’s like a midlife crisis but usually happens in your mid-20s to early 30s.) What was it like, and what did you do/or want to do during it? What did you do to get out of it or when did it end?

I finally got my sleeve tattoo after certain peoples in my family telling me for years to not do it … or just to keep waiting
But then I thought, they get to purchase all the things they like from cars-surfboards-tools-fashion, why am I so scared to do this… I think also being afraid of their reaction caused me to put it off, especially since I’ve wanted it since I was 17yr old. But I saved up from scratch by myself and went and made the first booking

I started it when I was 24 and when he put that needle to my arm, the anxiety was skyrocketing but I thought “there’s no going back” and am now 26, I get work done every 6-8months or so if I can afford it my artist isn’t cheap but the work is 100% worth it and if anything I’d pay double- but it does make it harder to save up for it. I have one more section to go that I was planning on finishing this year but then I got pregnant so now I’m just need to wait, but so worth it, and turns out my family love it so much and I get comments on it at least 3-4times a week :black_heart: