Has anyone filed married single for taxes?

Has anyone filed married single for taxes? I did for the first time this year and got so much less. I only worked 4 months out of the year does this make a difference? I use to get 11k back with 2 kids now I got 3500$

Of course it makes a difference. You paid in for 4 months instead of 12.

No stimulus credit this year, everyone will get back less.

Married single?

You can do single, head of household, married filing separately, and married filing joint. If married, the last two options are your only options… I’m not understanding what you mean by “married single” :woman_facepalming:


Idk about filing married single but things did go back to pre covid. It’s probably less bcuz u only worked 4 months. You probably didn’t reach a certain tax bracket. Likely you didn’t make enough for the full amount of the EIC or child tax

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