Has anyone given their newborn prilosec?

Has anyone given their newborn Prilosec? Our 4 week old has been constantly spitting up large amounts of breastmilk no matter what we do. Our doctor recommended Prilosec incase it’s due to acid reflux. He’s gaining weight but it’s slow. He nurses all the time. He acts uncomfortable a lot of the time as well (we burp and do gas relieving exercises).

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Before putting your baby on medication that he may not need there are many other potential problems it could be that you can look into first. Try changing your diet, he could be having a reaction to something you are eating. Possibly even try different types of formula, some babies can’t tolerate breast milk. Try putting breast milk in a bottle with a premie size nipple, your letdown could be too much for him and he may need to eat at a slower rate. I know you said you burp and do gas relief exercises but how often are you doing them? Stop multiple times during a feed and burp he if you have to. It could also be another medical issue besides acid reflux. Look into a possible tongue tie. Also I 100% agree with the person who suggested a chiropractor! Just find one who works with infants. Get a second opinion and make sure you advocate for your baby! Trust your gut mama, you got this!

Have baby checked for tongue and lip tie, go to a lactation consultant. Our pediatrician said our child didn’t have one, went to them, sure enough baby did, clipped it, and baby did great! Also try taking all new born babies, infants, and toddlers to a chiropractor. It helps with so much! I feel like it should be 100% a necessity in little ones.

Try another pediatrician and get a second opinion! Could be a short food tube.

He could be allergic to dairy.

Could be pyloric stenosis