Has anyone gone through this?

My wife had experience of the dissapearing/vanishing twin through miscarriage and there is a fibroid in the passage way. Does that have any link to the miscarriage and she was told that there is 5050 chance for normal or C-section delivery. Has anyone had this experience kindly share their anything that can be beneficial to us. Thank you in advance


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I had a vanishing twin. Also placenta pervia and was told I would most likely lose the surviving twin. At 39 weeks 5 days I delivered a natural healthy baby, who today is a beautiful 13 year old. I’m not sure about the fibroids but it is possible to complete the pregnancy to term. At the same time I am so sorry for the loss of your child


I had a huge fibroid during my last pregnancy. It was about the same size of the baby at my anatomy scan. When I had my c-section (unrelated to the fibroid) my doctor couldn’t find it so my body must have absorbed it. She said it’s fairly common, they just aren’t usually diagnosed because we can’t see them easily, etc. I did notice that that pregnancy in general was just more painful. Kicks and everything just hurt a whole lot more. Not sure if it was related to the fibroid or not though.


My condolences on your loss. :pray:

One of my soldiers had fibroids and she chose a c-section at 37 weeks. Her and the baby were healthy. She worked with the Drs to treat it after. Had their been a medical need, they had discussed early birth at 30 weeks but she had refused. Thankfully she didn’t need it. It “vanished” & the next 2 years she was with us, she had no further issues.
Look online for varying mom groups that deal with complicated pregnancies. It’ll be good for her to specific support right now.
And, good for you for asking :black_heart::black_heart:

I had a very large fibroid during my last pregnancy. I opted for a c section. I begged them to Also remove the fibroid during, but they couldn’t due to bleeding risk.

My son was supposed to be a twin. But we had no idea until after he was born and there were 2 sacs. Dr said he probably absorbed the twin or when I would bleed randomly it was part of the miscarriage

So sorry for your loss. :two_hearts:
I just delivered twins 9 days ago. They were born at 30 weeks and 3 days. Our chance for c section was really high due to them sharing a placenta. When I unexpectedly delivered, the dr gave me a choice. One was head down, other was breech. There was again, the high probability of needing to do a c section to deliver baby B. I chose to get an epidural and be prepared for an emergency c section but try for a natural delivery. Baby B was stubborn but she was born naturally as well 10 minutes after baby A. Both babies are doing amazingly well. We pray a lot and leave it in gods hands.

Good luck to you and momma. Hoping it all goes as you plan it too. And if it doesn’t, just have a good support system so that stress doesn’t affect delivery or pregnancy. :heart:

I had twins where one was absorbed by my son. He got 2 extra ribs from her but I was able to give birth vaginally