Has anyone gone to the doctor and had a false positive pregnancy test?

I would just like some opinions about a false pregnancy test. My doctor didn’t answer my question at all besides saying it was possibly a miscarriage or a false positive and left it at that. I took three at-home tests (all different brands) because my period was a day late, and my boyfriend and I had an incident that month and I felt like something was off. They all came out positive, so I made a dr appointment and went to get a test, and the one there was negative. I came up with a urinary tract infection instead. I also ended up started my period a few days later. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? Did you know if it was a miscarriage or false positive? I know false positives are very so I would just like to know others experiences and opinions and to ease my mind.


Get a second opinion if you ain’t started in the next 2-3 days I had that to happen and went for 2nd opinion and came back positive of your hcg ain’t really high enough it might not show up everytime

An infection can throw a false positive but three seems a stretch…

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Certain medications can give you a false positive pregnancy test. Such as Provera. Other than a false positive, the only other explaination is early pregnancy detection and early spontaneous abortion. 100’s of woman miscarry without realising they were actually pregnant.


If you have endometriosis it can also cause them. Have a blood test in a week to confirm your hcg levels


It’s a miscarriage. Also called a chemical pregnancy.


Hormones are weird. I’d check here and there and track em. Check with a blood test for hcg levels.

Did you speak to an actual OB/Gyn? That would be the best person to talk to. I’m sorry you were dismissed without understanding.

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I was pregnant went to the doctor they said I wasn’t take one at home and I was in fact pregnant

Could have been a phantom pregnancy, my husband and I recently went through one ourselves, I had also just had my tubes clamped a few months prior.

Possibly a blighted ovum?

False positive results could also arise from the testing strip that was used, especially if the strip is damaged/expired. Perhaps you should test for serum hcg instead of a urine hcg. Usually in a miscarriage, serum hcg remains faintly positive for a while.

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Did they do hcg to confirm? Or should do several to confirm miscarriage…i had at home pos dr neg so sent for hcg says pos but # low so resent for follow up to confirm miscarriage

Chemical pregnancy. Everytime I would go to the Dr. Their test would be negative in the beginning, finally had blood tests I was pregnant and later would miscarry and we always knew because I would get my HCG levels and they would hardly increase. Then my two children same thing positive tests at home, negative urine at the Dr. Until further a long. The tests I use are so accurate that they can detect HCG well before your period.

Literally the only thing that can cause a false POSITIVE is if you are on fertility medications that increase the hCG in your system. Otherwise you are probably having a miscarriage. I’m very sorry for the bad news. You will get through this :heart: and as for your doctor, go to a different one. If he can’t be bothered to answer the questions of someone going through something like this, then good riddance!


Demand an ultrasound and hcg test and find a new doc if they didn’t do that from the start

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You cant get a false positive but I do know the docs tests arent as sensitive as ones you can get a chemist. But to me it sound like a chemical pregnancy.

Your doctor did answer you. You’re just wanting a different answer.

Yeah I would probably see a different doctor because although they see these things daily it doesnt mean your questions shouldn’t be answered. Always remember if your concerns arent being answered or requests arent being met it’s okay to request a different doctor. Its very possible you are having a miscarriage however without hcg test it’s hard to tell for sure!

Could be cysts on the ovaries or ovarian cancer as well. Get tested for everything if you do want to be a mom

False positive can be ovarian cancer

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i had two drs say negative but positive home tests. hcg blood was at a 2. so idk how home tests showed positive. i made them bring me in again in 10 days and they kept saying “it was negative you dont need retested” and i insisted they do another blood test. boom, hcg at 6000 in only 10 days. they were dumbfounded it was so high :roll_eyes: i now have a 3 month old daughter.
i also had a chemical pregnancy before that. its a miscarriage where the egg gets fertilized and puts out enough hormone to turn a test positive but it doesnt attach fully and it comes out making the test go back negative within a few days. a lot of women don’t even catch those early miscarriages because they don’t test that early.


I took 3 pregnancy test. ALL were positive, I was not pregnant. Started my period about 4 dad after last test

Chemical pregnancies can often yield early positives but quickly turn negative again. Confirm with blood hcg tests.

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Could be tubal pregnancy? Mine was positive at home n 3 months went by tubal n uterine pregnancy same time twins yes emergency surgery took right tube out saved my other boy n thank God

Yea. Had it on all my boys until on was 4 months

This exact thing happened to me several times, it was early miscarriages.

This happened to me, but my doctor called it a chemical pregnancy. Basically, there was fertilization (which produces hcg) but no implantation. Technically it’s a miscarriage. I’m sorry :disappointed:


Yup you either had a chemical or if you use the red dye ones they can have false lines. Clear blue or ept/digital is the way to go

I have but they ruled mine as a hormonal imbalance. But i have also had a chemical pregnancy

Sounds like a chemical, possibly.

I’ve never heard of a false positive, I would ask for a blood test

Chemical pregnancies are highly common. Sorry you dealt with that, those suck. Nothing to worry about though and won’t affect your chances of pregnancy in the future. False positives are incredibly rare considering they only show up positive if you have the hcg hormone.

It’s probably a chemical pregnancy.

We had this happen a few times then was pregnant heard heart beat for 2 sec then miscarriage

I’ve had it before. 3 different tests as well, and a test at the doctors all said positive.
Had an ultrasound done and blood work, those two came back negative.
No other health concerns or anything.

Also to add;
Some tests DO show a positive even if you’re not pregnant. I’ve had MANNNNNY of them. Mainly on blue dye tests. It can show up within the allowed time limit. I had one and went in to get my blood done a day or two after and it was 0.
I’m also on the Nexplanon arm implant. So for those saying no, false positives on tests… that’s not correct. Even if you’re doctor says so. My pregnancy test group has them ALLLL the time.

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Believe me if you had a miscarriage you would know. There’s more blood than a period and there’s cramping

Agree with previous people. Chemical pregnancy.

I had a triple test come out positive (they gave me 48 hours to decide if I wanted to terminate my pregnancy, explaining if I continued, my daughter would live a life of pain, ECT). She’s healthy. Also was told I miscarried my son, no life stem…he’s 15. The placenta attached over the os which caused alot of bleeding. Doctors make mistakes.

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Sounds like a chemical pregnancy

I was told I wasn’t pregnant on multiple occasions, they even denied me a blood test, and 2 months later I got a job at a hospital in so cal, they drew my blood and I was 16 weeks pregnant.

My friend had 9 positive tests and it ended up being hypothyroidism 💁

There is no false positives especially on 3 different tests, to me it sounds like an early miscarriage and UTI’s can cause them sometimes, I’m sorry for your loss :frowning:

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Look up chemical pregnancy. I’ve had 3 of them

Read the reviews on the tests and see how many people got false positives

Chemical pregnancy more than likely

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I’ve had pound land strips say possitve and clear blue say nattive but turns out I’ve been pregnant twice with twins…

Listen to your Doctor, He knows more. Infection can trigger a positive.

It could’ve been a chemical pregnancy.

There is no such thing as a false positive!

I had this happen 2 years ago. Come to find out it was a miscarriage.


i have ovarian cysts when i was younger and that would give false positives quite often… had to get blood work for a true positive/negative till they were mostly gone…

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Ive had this several times dr said small traces of blood (which could be from UTI) can cause a false positive

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UTI can create a false positive

Did they do blood work. High level of HGC can tell if your pregnant or had a miscarriage

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Honestly, I found out I was pregnant so early with my daughter, they told me I had a miscarriage, it took a major toll on me. They booked me for a checkup (to make sure nothing bad was going on since I was ‘miscarrying’) and bam. There was a sac :sparkling_heart: my beautiful ‘miscarriaged’ baby is now 5.

Get a second opinion. Get more blood work. Go in for an ultrasound in a couple weeks.

I have gotten a false positive during what I thought was my period , i was actually having a miscarriage at 8 weeks it took me 5 days to miscarry I was told I had high levels of pregnancy hormone , went back a few days later levels were dropping , a week or so after than I had no preg.hormones and fully miscarried .

Sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy

I experienced something similar few months back and my doctor said the same thing… i think it was just a faulty test or seomthing:. I asked for blood tests and they came back negative as well so they assumed it was just the test not a miscarriage because they should’ve detected some of the hormone in my

I had cancerous cells growing on my cervix and that caused a false positive. Dr confirmed

I did have this happen, mine was an early miscarriage. I’m sorry you are going through this, I know it must be confusing. I hope either way that you feel better soon.

There are a lot of dodgy tests showing indent lines that look like positives so could of been dodgy tests

Yes. Same happened to me. I had an early miscarriage.

Sounds like a chemical to me also my Ectopic started out this way as well my numbers were soo low they didn’t consider them positive and then bam they started to rise and I had been bleeding we found out it was ectopic

Yes there is a such thing as false positives and different things could cause it.

This happened to me a few weeks ago my period was way late and I swear I was having morning
Sickness I got a rest and it was positive then I went for blood work and it was a bad uti not a pregnancy

What’s a chemical test?

Have them do a blood test and a ultrasound

This happened to me once before. It was a chemical pregnancy.

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With my first pregnancy my urine pregnancy test was positive but serum was negative :thinking:

I had the same situation, except I did not get my period. That wouldn’t even completely rule out pregnancy either as some women can still get bleeding while pregnant. I had taken a home test and it was positive, went to the doctor, and a urine test was negative. I took another home test which was positive, went back to the doctor and had a negative blood test. Waited a month, took a home test, was positive, went to the doctor and finally got a positive there. By that point I was almost 8 weeks along, but it’s possible it was just too early to tell for certain before. I’d recommend giving it a little bit and trying another test again.

I had a miscarriage at 4wks and still tested positive so if it was that you would still have the hormone in your system at this point

It’s actually pretty common. It’s called a Chemical Pregnancy. Baby starts the implantation process something is wrong and our bodies abort the baby before it can start to fully develop. At home pregnancy tests are so sensitive now that all it takes is to have a level of 5 HCG to get a faint positive. Depending on the test you took it could have been slightly higher than that. Most likely you were pregnant but your body naturally expelled the fetus before it developed further. My doctor has told me all of this and more because I’ve had a few chemical pregnancies myself.

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Had sum similar but I made them take ultrasounds my Lil one is now 7 months stay proactive don’t ask demand it’s ur health n potentially a babies

Happened to me but then they did a blood test and found out I was super early. They were surprised the at home urine test even picked it up. He turned 11 in September

Its mental issue sad rip

I’ve had two. But that last one was kinda weird I started getting shaky at work and extremely dizzy went to the hospital tested positive two days after my period ended went to my dr a few days after and tested negative. Could have been an early miscarriage happens a lot on birth control

Id say it was a very early miscarriage. Im sorry for your loss.

Chemical pregnancy. So :neutral_face:

It all depends in the hormone level that was needed for the surge in the home pregnancy test compared to the doctors?? If say for instance your home pregnancy test was a 15 mlu and the doctors is a 25mlu then the doctors ones won’t be positive until your hormones rise. Its unusual to have 1 false positive but to have 3 false positive of 3 different brands is highly unlikely. Id take another test in 3 days and then another one 3 days later and if they’re still positive I’d book back in with the doctor and ask for blood and a repeat blood test 48 hours later

UTIs have been known for causing false positive, sounds like either a chemical pregnancy or was just the UTI

Pretty much I used 5 of them and it came out to be false positives.

I would request a blood test for the pregnancy they will be able to tell if your hormone levels are out of the normal.also some tests say positive and some say negative . I was that way with my daughter . All tests came back negative and when I went to get my deposit the same week they took the urine sample at the office and it came back negative and I had requested blood work and that’s how I found out

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It’s very rare to get false positive results

My daughter did. Certain soaps, detergents, and lotions can cause a false positive, according to her dr

uti can give a false positive!

I had a false positive with an ovarian cyst once.

I was told an infection can cause a false positive for a urine test … I would just go with whatever the blood test said (negative/positive)

Possibly a chemical pregnancy

I had false negatives (three at home tests, one hospial grade pee test and a blood test, all negative) before it came positive two months after conceiving. But i have heard of false positives too. My old friend used to get false posituves all the time.

I tested false negative with both of my pregnancies second one was with twins. 3 healthy children

An ultrasound would be the only definite answer. It could be alot of things. I had a false negative test at the hospital and ended up at different hospital where they got a positve test and did an ultrasound, i had a tubal pregnancy that was rupturing. But i was so sick. I could barely walk, i was sweating and in pain so bad on my third day of it, at the same time. It was in the everning time so i knew something was very wrong. Everybody is different. Try not to worry to much but Demand an ultrasound.

You can’t have a false pregnancy test if you use your blood

Chemical pregnancy. I had one right before I got pregnant with my youngest son. He will be 7 in May.

There is a cancer that will cause you to come up pregnant… Please look into it