Has anyone gottan an IUD before 6 weeks postpartum?

Has anyone gotten the IUD put in before you were 6 weeks postpartum? I’m going to ask my doctor if she will do it at like 4-5 weeks pp. Also any advice? This is my first time with an IUD. Thanks!


I got mine at 6 weeks . Then had it taken out when tried for another. But recently have had mine in for 4 months and I don’t like the bloating I get from it . I gained 8 pounds shortly after having it put in and also been bleeding mostly on rather then off the entire time which is normal

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Mine was placed during my c-section.

I was 8 weeks out… never had a problem, on my second mirena

I did! I got it right after giving birth. The bleeding was so heavy and for so long during my first period post partum I actually considered getting it removed.

My youngest daughter was born November of 2018 I got it put in February of 2019 as they won’t do it before the 6 week mark.

We my 5th child they put the iud in right after he was born and the placenta came out

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Mine wouldn’t as they said your uterus needs to shrink back down a bit before they can otherwise you risk it just falling out.

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My doctor doesnt suggest iud until 3 months because uterus is still shrinking and puts you at risk for perferation. That said, i asked for it anyways at my 6 wk check up. I was seeing moms(online) getting them while still in the hospital after giving birth! As crazy as that seems to me, i thought if theyre doing at birth, 6 weeks cant be that bad…

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Is good and better you asked your Doctor

Most doctors refuse before the 6 week mark


I was right at 7 weeks when I got my Mirena. I had also JUST had my gallbladder out as well, like days before. It was super simple. No problems. That was almost 6 years ago and I’m almost at 1 yr with Mirena #2- still no problems.

When I had my 3rd child I was waiting until 6 weeks after she was born to get my tubes done. Before i left the hospital after I had her I had the Depo Shot. Just to cover me until 6 weeks when I could get my tubes done.
When I had my 2nd child I waited the 6 weeks to have my tubes done, didn’t end up getting them done because I was pregnant again at my 6 week check up. Didn’t want the same thing happening again so had the Depo shot :blush:
Maybe that’s an option.

A co-worker of mine did and she ended up getting pregnant again. She says it’s because her uterus hadn’t gone back to its original size before putting it in, so the IUD didn’t end up sitting properly.