Has anyone gotten a tubal reversal?

I want to ask the moms out there… I had my third child at the age of 24 and I now feel stupidly got my tubes tied. I just wish someone would have at the very least told me to truly think it through. I’m only 32 and in such a different place, still married to the man I had my last child with. I truly feel now that I want to have one more child, so I guess my question is, has anyone here had the reversal? Is it even worth it, chances-wise? What’s the cost? Does insurance even consider paying for it? please, no negative comments, just something I’ve been thinking about. Thanks


I would look into IVF instead of a reversal.

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Five yrs after my friend had her tubal she ended up pregnant n now has a five yr old :slight_smile:

Ivf is most like the road to take . Also foster parenting to adopt too

A friend of mine had a tubal reversal and she ended up having 4 more children (total of 7). Not sure if the cost but seemed to work out well for her :heart: Best of luck!

I don’t get why you say “I wish they made me truly think about it” you have to meet the criteria to even get it and you sign a paper and have to wait 30 days to make sure that’s what you really want…
I think adopting would be a great alternative.


Depends what type of tubal you had also there some that arent worth the dime to untied

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I’m 30 going on my 5th child and I’m still on the fence about it! :grimacing:
Hope you figure it out.

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Mine was almost 8 grand and 90% of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term. Im able to try right away. Down time is 10 days. Same day surgery. Everyone’s expirence is different. Contact your fertility clinic and send them your tubal surgical records. They will determine how easy/difficult procedure will be and give you a probability of success. Good luck! Also insurance usually doesn’t cover any at all bevaude it is an elective procedure

I did and have 4 more, only cost about 5000.00 I dont know where you stay, but there’s a really good dr in Chapel Hill NC,


Alora Aguilar if you want to share you’re experience :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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My sister was quoted 6-8k to have them reverse.

As for insurance, I work for one of the largest health insurance companies. We do not cover sterilization reversal if the original procedure was elective

Its not my personal experience but a friends. She had a tubal reversal and a year later after everything was healed etc she had healthy twin boys. This was about 2 years ago and it cost her around $13,000 out of pocket. Her doctor did say if he had seen scans of her tubal before hand he would have never touched her. Apparently the doctor who tied them pretty much butchered them. If its not plausible for you and ivf isnt plausible adoption is a great option. So many babies out there to love. Good luck and best wishes in whatever you decide.


It isn’t cheap and isn’t guaranteed you will be able to have more. I would say enjoy your kiddos now as they will graduate while you are still young. Starting over at this point sounds stressful. Only really something to think through I guess

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A friend of mine had her’s reversed but insurance didn’t cover that, so you might consider that too. She did go on to have 2 more kids

I’m 24 I’ve jsut had my last baby 18 week ago I asked could I be done they said no because my age:/… I know 100% I am DONE now I have 2 children, I’ve only ever wanted 2 and my partner didn’t want any but I fell pregnant with our first then we said one more then that’s it and I am very happy with jsut my two so I wanted to be done to be safer but they wouldn’t:( pretty gutted tbh! As I don’t want to end up falling pregnant again! I’m on depo but still it’s not 100%! I know I am done and don’t want anymore! I personally couldn’t cope with any more so I wouldn’t do it to myself and another Child it’s not fair x


I tried having mine reversed, but mine where 1/2 centimeter too short… Just keep that in mind, but IVF is also an option❤️. Good luck!

I have a 4 year age gap between my two abs oh my god it’s hard work!! I feel like it was forever ago I did all the baby stuff with my eldest even though it wasn’t that long ago…

I felt same at 26 dr refused and I had medical reasons . I’m glad he did coz I had my boy at 34 . U can get reversed x

You could always adopt💙

I had mine tied around biggest mistake I ever made cuz I had both my kids under 20 and then wanted more kids later and couldn’t I talked to my OBGYN cuz he’s the one who did the tubes tied and told him I wanted to see about fixing them he said he needed to look before anything to see if they could be and while he was in there he tried putting them back together one he said was too short and the other one he put back together my new OBGYN that I see found a fibroid in my uterus and removed it but he said he didn’t think I would ever get pregnant again the first doctor gave me a 65% chance but nothing did it’s always made me sad that I didn’t have more

I got mine tied when I was 22 after my third. I’m 28 now and starting the process of getting the reversal. I’m from Kentucky and there is a doctor in Louisville who cost 6200, depending on weight and height it goes up. If you don’t get pregnant within a year they help with fertility. Good luck!

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I had tubal reversal March 2020. We got pregnant our 1st time trying in may!! We used dr morice in Louisiana! Any questions feel free to message me! We just had our baby girl feb 22 2021 it’s so worth it!! Oh and we didnt use ins we paid outta pocket but the price isnt bad!!


I had my tubal reversal done in Louisville Ky by Dr. Levin. Cost about $7000 cash, no insurance will cover it. I was pregnant 5 weeks after my procedure and my son is almost 4 now.


Go ivf… I waisted 10 grand on reversal and my tube closed back up.

I had a tubal reversal in 2013 it was a success :heart: it is completely out of pocket unfortunately, but my best advice is to call your local reproductive/infertility doc and have a consultation. They will be honest about options. I saw two different doctors. One wanted to do IVF but would do the surgery with no guarantees, the other said he knew he could do it and his success rate was higher than average. It was about $3000 more than the other doc, but his confidence and “lack of judgment” so to speak just gave me a feeling, and I definitely made the right decision! Dr. Collins @ UPMC.

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I reversal is usually not covered by insurance. Recuperating time 6-8 weeks. Unable to be done if there is a large amount of scar tissue. Afterwards there is a high risk of an ectopic pregnancy. I think the risks of surgery may be too high. Cost 30 to 50 thousand

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Cant help about the reversal question (sorry) but maybe you can adopt! :slight_smile:

I have had my tubes tied but how does IVF work if your tubes are tied?

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I have 5! Let me tell you its really hard… my 5th was unexpected i had the paraguard and got pregnant with him…after i had him I had a tubal.happy with my 5 tho he brings joy to our lives :grin: mine are ages 13…10…6…4…and 5 months :heart:

It’s typically a successful procedure, but it’s out of pocket.


Had it done and my baby is now 30 yrs old. Was paid by insurance then but don’t know about now

I had my tubes tied when I was 23. When I was 30 my husband and I decided we wanted more children. Had the reversal done. It was out of pocket and cost $6500. It took about 6 months to get pregnant but I had a successful pregnancy. Actual had 2 very healthy pregnancies/children after the reversal.

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We had ours reversed and got pregnant in 11 months:) insurance won’t pay for it. Our reversal was 6200 with dr levin. He is seriously amazing.

You can always adopt, instead of a reversal. I have been thinking about that a lot here lately. I want another one but I don’t necessarily want to go thru the whole pregnancy thing again(I love being pregnant, I’ve done it 3 times though) and there are so many kids that are in the system. This is not a judgement btw just a suggestion as that’s what I have been thinking about :blush:Good luck whatever decision you make!


I had a tubal reversal in 1990 it was free I was39 at the time and had two beautiful children

It can be done just research for a well known doctor with success stories with 8 years plus between tubes tied and reversal. Many drs advertise success but they are 5 yrs or less between procedures.

I had my done in 2006 after 4 kids and i was only 24 and so in 2014 i got my reverse and had 3 more babies it cost $9000 in Newcastle nsw Australia

Ivf might be a safer option

My friend had to go through IVF for another baby following her tubal. She is pregnant now though :grin:

I had mine reversed when I was 37 because I had gotten remarried. My Dr told me having it done was only a 20%chance of getting pregnant and it cost us 15,000 to do it back in 2003 and it was cheaper than intro because that cost 15,000 per try. I was lucky the same dr who tied mine reversed them. Insurance did not cover it and I had to have the money up front paid in full. We had to wait 1 month recovery and then was able to try I was pregnant 6 weeks after surgery. I call my 17 year old son my miracle baby because only one of my tubes took the reversal and my doctor said that getting pregnant that fast was truly meant to be. My doctor also did his tubals on young mothers as if one day you would want to reverse them but like someone said earlier it depends on how they were tied.


Most insurances will cover IVF but not tubal reversal. Just putting that out there

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I had mine reversed. It cost around 6500. Dr. Levin in Kentucky is the best. Look him up.

I just recently found out you can have a baby ivf with your tubes tied. I never had mine tied I was on birth control for the last 15 yrs and got pregnant, on birth control at 43 years old😄 my baby is 7 ms old and I’m 44 so your never too old I guess😍

Got one from Chapel Hill North Carolina. It worked. I had the hardest type of Tubal ligation… not a problem for Chapel Hill Tubal reversal Center.

I think IVF treatment would be better.