Has anyone gotten divorced after IVF?

Has anyone gone through IVF . Was successful and got a divorce right after? Or has anyone been married less than 2 years had baby and divorced right after baby was born?


i didn’t go through IVF. however when i was married to my first husband, our youngest wasn’t 6 months old when i filed for divorce.

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My husband filed for divorce when my son was 6 months old. I didn’t want the divorce, but we divorced anyway. It affected my son profoundly, he expressed his sadness & rage at about age 4 or 5, noticing his classmates parents were mostly all married. It was very difficult, painful & challenging but I’m ok now, much stronger. I’m 50 now, my son is 10. I married at age 39 when I was 4 months pregnant. I’ll keep you in my prayers & wish you a luck, love & a happy life.


I belong to several IVF groups. It is where I met and became friends with several women as I also had IVF. Two of my close friends, who had supportive husband’s during the process, divorced before the babies were even one. It was such a surprise to me.


Yes, kind of. Not divorced because we chose IVF instead of engagement, however he cheated on me during my IVF/high risk pregnancy with twins. Obviously we’re no longer together. What’s the question?


I was having ivf and fell pregnant naturally to twins. Unfortunately they pasted at 16 weeks gestation. After that things changed with myself and husband so we went own way and divorced. Not seen him. Since x


My sister in law went through several rounds of IVF (never successful though) and got divorced after. IVF is very hard on couples.

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Me! My ex-husband filed for divorce 6 weeks after our baby was born.

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My daughter was one and she’s fine with it but just know when your married he will get the parental guidelines so your kid will be staying the night away from you that’s the worst part I think and if your kid don’t want to go you can’t do anything about it

Depends on what state you live in. I live in Texas and you cannot get divorced while pregnant.


I am sure there are so many people that have been divorced after only two years

I was moving back home 10 hrs away and getting a divorce when I had a 2 week old baby.

I didn’t gp through ivf but after my son was born and was brought home (after a 3 week stay in the nicu) me and my first husband separated and split up a couple days after that. The child will be 5 in October and he’s only seen him a handful of times and it’s been a mess. Good luck to you and baby and just remember you can and will get through this. Put your child first and do whatever is in their best interest. My sister went through ivf twice and it was sooo rough on her body! If you’re married depending situation and all custody battle is rough and child will be away and maybe 50/50. Most judges push for 50/50 unless there is abuse etc. Always have proof of everything. Save emails and texts etc. Good luck.

I went through IVF but not divorce. Just remember if you have any embryos left in the freezer that you will both have to signs off on their use or disposal. Our clinic emphasizes that quite a bit during the counseling sessions. So if you can’t agree just remember the storage fees are not cheap

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It took me 14 yrs to get pregnant. I left my ex husband when I was 30 wks pregnant and I’m now a single mom of my miracle 6 yr old son. There’s been no contact with my ex husband is almost 2 yrs. The man I thought wanted a family was that man at all when I finally got pregnant. My son was born via csection after a 40 hr failed induction not breathing and had to spend 8 days in the NICU. My ex never cared. I’m much happier now and have an amazing BF of over a yr now who loves my son like his own.

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Never went thru IVF and it makes me sad to think that women (and couples) who go thru it to start a family don’t actually make it to being a family. I’m sorry for all the ladies that have had to go thru that.

My ex and I were never married (thankfully) but split when our son was about 1.5yo young and now coparent fairly well. Broke up from the stress of having a baby, and my PPD since he wasn’t helping me at all. Decent dad, not so great partner.

Having a baby changes the whole dynamic of the relationship and he didn’t want to have to change his lifestyle while I adapted everything I did everyday to fit around working full time, taking care of house and home, financials AND a new baby on top of it.

I’m in Texas and my ex husband left me when I was 4 months pregnant with our daughter. He was LIVID that he had to wait until the baby was born to actually divorce me :laughing:

Not me personally but I have 3 friends/acquaintances who have done IVF and divorced either during or less then a year after…