Has anyone gotten pregnant after getting an ovary removed?

I’m 33, and recently my OBGYN found a 3-inch mass on my left ovary. I was told today that my best option would be to remove this ovary. As long as nothing looks malignant, I will get to keep my other ovary. I have a 3 yr old daughter but was hoping to have one more. Is there anyone who has had an ovary removed and conceived after? I was told I could still get pregnant, but it just may take me longer. I am just looking for experiences after having an ovary removed. Thanks!


Am pregnant with my second child sense having my right ovary removed

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I only have one ovary! We have doing nothing to prevent pregnancy. I have been hoping but it’s been two years :disappointed:

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My mother got pregnant twice with only one ovary

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I had to have my one ovary removed after my first child for the same issue. I got pregnant again 15 months later.

Following! I am wondering too! I had my ovary and Fallopian tube removed when I was 13 weeks pregnant… my baby is now 2.5 y\o :pray:t3: hoping to hear good things :blush: my OB said it would be no issue

I am pregnant with my second baby after having my ovary removed!

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Someone close to me got pregnant with only one ovary!

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I had an ovary & a Fallopian tube removed & was able to get pregnant!

I only have 1 and ive had 2 successful pregnancies. Didnt take long

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I only have one functioning tube after a tubal reversal. The other was non fixable and although it took 6 years to get pregnant after the reversal I have my amazing baby girl (17 years after my last one)

I’m pregnant after having just a tube removed.

I had an ovary and tube removed and got pregnant. Took a bit but I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is now 29

Following I only have my left ovary being trying 3 yrs and nothing :roll_eyes::weary::persevere::worried::slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes I had one ovary removed and still got pregnant at 31 years old.

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Also wanted to add I am 34 and had trouble conceiving before my ovary was removed but conceived in the first month of trying with both pregnancies after having it removed!!

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My mom had her right ovary removed after she had me, and went on to have 9 more babies! So it is definitely possible :heart:


My cousin only has 1 ovary. She has 3 boys.

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I did. Happened super fast.

I had a cyst that was 8 pounds on my right ovary, I had it removed in 2012. I had my daughter in 2017.

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My sister n law did, she had to have one ovary and tube removed and is due with her baby in December.

My mother had one of her ovaries removed in her early teens and had no problems having a family later on in life.


I have! I only have one ovary and I have 2 kids :slightly_smiling_face: my first I got pregnant right away and my second took a little time. But with my second my SO only has one testicle

My friend had an ovary removed at 17…she is currently pregnant with #3

I had one tube and 1 ovary taken out from an ectopic pregnancy that basically exploded. Got pregnant 3 more times with the last 3 children

Said it couldn’t be done had two children after ectopic pregnancy

I had an ectopic pregnancy and they had to cut a slice out of one overy. I had a child a year later. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did 5lb ovarian cyst removed with ovary told I couldn’t get pregnant now have a beautiful 2 year old son

Yes had a tuble pregnancy that burst n told no more but a year later had a beautiful baby girl

I had both of my kids after having one ovary removed.

:raising_hand_woman:t3: I started getting a cyst on my right ovary at the age of 20. It would get big then drain/burst. When I was 26 I became pregnant with my first. When I hit 5 months pregnant it twisted my Fallopian tube 7-8 times killing my right ovary. They had to remove both. I was told my right ovary hadn’t been working this whole time. I was afraid I couldn’t have more after my daughter, but I am now 34 and pregnant with our 5th. So don’t give up hope. It’s possible! Good luck!


Yes…I have 2 children

3 babies in 3 years with 1 ovary… and totally unexpected.

I got pregnant three years after having mine took out

An old coworker of mine had all 3 of her girls with only one.

my sister has had 2 boys after having an ovary removed

My mother had my sister and I with just one ovary.

I did. Had 2 one in 2004 and another in 2005.

I had one child spontaneously and 8 years down the road my husband and I tried for 1.5 years with no luck. I had a lot of female issues and my obgyn assured me that it was normal. I finally got a second opinion and that dr. was not satisfied with that answer. After 3 ultrasound and we found nothing he insisted on exploratory surgery and found a grapefruit sized cyst that had engulfed my right ovary so when I woke up I was devastated thinking it would be even more difficult to have a child. Well two months later I found out I was pregnant with my now 4 year old little boy. So, not only did I get conceive after losing an ovary (still had both fallopian tubes) I think the cyst was the whole reason I couldn’t get pregnant in the first place. Good luck!

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Yes you can still get pregnant with only one overy it just lowers fertility but it’s still possible

I have one tube so pretty darn close to only having one ovary they said. It took longer but it happened :pray:t3: took meds to boost

My mother had me with one ovary at 39. Yes it’s possible :hugs: I’m healthy btw, never had any problems and don’t have any allergies except for medication.

My mom got pregnant with me after having one removed, she eventually had my two younger sisters as well. The way it was explained to me is… the ovary being removed may be causing more harm than good. Best of luck

I only have 1 tube and 1 ovary… I ended up having 4 kiddos :woman_shrugging: everyone is different though they said I would probably never have kids and I have 4 and it wasn’t hard for me to get pregnant but like I said everyone is different

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My sister had a tobal pregnancy energency surgery to remove shes got two beautiful grown girls now💖

Plenty of women have. I have a friend who had 7 kids after losing one ovary so it is highly possible.

My friend had an ectopic pregnancy last August and her ovary burst and had to be removed. She got pregnant again in January of this year and just had her baby in September. So yes it’s definitely possible. She was pregnant again 5 months after her ovary removal. Her doctor told her some woman when they loose an ovary the other ovary will start to compensate for it so it just depends on your body.

Yup, I had a 12 inch cyst on one ovary and the other had several small growths and was tied. They removed one and salvaged the other, well what was left. I got pregnant within three months of my surgery. Even though they said I couldn’t :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter had a tubal pregnancy The ovary &tube was removed . Had a son later .He is very smart in every way.He loves the Lord is a pharmacist for Walmart ,his wife is a critical care in orthopedic surgery center.They have a 5yr. old son.Just remember God is GOOD ALL the time.He is the
Great phsyian

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your ovaries take turns dropping eggs each month so if you only have one it will be harder to get pregnant. That is true sadly, but you can have an ultrasound done and the doctor should be able to determine when your ovary is going to drop your egg. So if it drops in January you can start trying in March and every other month after. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck!

My sister had one of hers removed and 5 weeks later got pregnant had a 10month old and she is now pregnant again. So yes it’s very possible

I did twice. I only have one ovary and one tube

You have two ovaries, so you still have a good chance.

My sister had an ovary removed and got pregnant within a month. She wasn’t planning on getting pregnant either; her doctor had told her it would be more difficult for her to get pregnant, too.

I have no experience, but I have heard many stories of it actually happening. I am having ovarian cyst problems and could potentially lose one ovary and these are stories I am told by others whose been through it or knows someone who has.

My sister got pregnant with only a half of an ovary and one tube. It’s definitely possible.

I had a massive cyst on what they thought was my ovary. Turned out in was on my left fallopian tube. The surgeon removed the cyst and tube on my left side. We all, including the doctor thought it may take me a little while to get pregnant again but I was back for my first sonogram the following month. Now, we are blessed with an almost 18 month old and a 3 month old, both baby girls! Definitely possible!:heart:

Yes you’ll still have periods and you can still get pregnant it will just be every other month that you cycle.

yes as many said your ovaries can take turn dropping a egg…but some of us can drop more then one out of both ovaries at the same time, or close to that

My right ovary doesn’t work. It’s so small from having surgery on it. They had to remove a cyst, and basically most of the ovary went with it. U/S techs even have a hard time finding it. I conceived both of my babes with old lefty :wink:

You ovulate with alternating ovaries every month, typically. Its definitely possible to get pregnant as long as your remaining ovary is functional

I have 1/2 an ovary between both of mine, was told at 16 I would never have kids …I have 5 kids! It is possible!

Going on 4 years and I still haven’t conceived. That was when I was 36. I had 3 kids before, one after another. My husband and I have been trying since then but nothing yet.