Has anyone gotten pregnant after getting their tubes tied?

Any mommy’s out there that have gotten their tube tied, and end up pregnant?? I had mine done about 5yrs ago I was sure I was done… but I left a 12yrs relationship, and my new partner would like kids… so I wanted to see if any mommy’s out there that have gotten the surgery to undo this and if it has work for you guys…???


I know a woman who had the reversal done and had a kid. It was really pricy. But so are kids, so if you can afford it go for it.

Yes. I got my tubes tied right after having my second child. A year later I was pregnant. He is about to turn 12 next month. I was told they were cut and burnt but obviously something was up

Look into Ivf. When I had mine done 10 years ago they told me the reversal is only about 20% chance on becoming pregnant. At that time there wasn’t 1 doctor in my state that would do the reversal.

Has anyone? I’m going to say yes because the pamphlet told me it’s not 100% effective. The rest I can’t help you with

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This is why i dont want mine tied.:frowning: some people have been pressuring me too. Im 24 weeks with #3 my boys are 7 and 4. I dont feel i had them too fast.

My mom has them reversed after being tied for 10 years. She had 4 additional healthy kids.

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My cousin got hers reversed after 8 years and got pregnant a month later.

You can have the surgery to undo them. They can undo themselves after 7 years, not sure of the percentage of chamce on that.

They have groups on facebook for the reversal I’m tied and looking into get the surgery

It depends on if your tubes were clipped or burnt. If burnt you will have a 1 to 3 % chance of conception.

Some of my family had theirs undone and got pregnant not long after I was thinking bout it myself having reversed but not sure if they did as I asked or said they did

I did get pregnant again…not wanting to …and had an ectopic and almost died. Please be careful. It can happen

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have a reversal. Many factors play into the percentage of likelihood. Myself, I had a reversal and had a baby about a year later. It can definitely be successful!

You’ll find the chances are better with IVF and the cost is about the same as reversal which is also a major surgery.

I had the tubal reversal surgery. I would recommend chapel hills in north carolina…however insurance does not pay for this and it’s about 10,000$. It took about a year for me to get pregnant but was well worth the wait.

I got my cut an burnt an not an pregnant I got my done when my youngest son was born an he’s 12

Dr levin in Louisville kentucky has 99.9% success rate for tubal reversal, cost is 6200 or 7200 depending upon your height and weight. He had a website to get more information

A friend lost their baby after getting her tubes tied. It was a lot cheaper to do in vitro fertilization then risk another surgery.

I had it done December 2016 had first reversal baby October 2017 and currently 13 weeks with number 2 I used Dr Levin in Kentucky

I am actually going monday to talk to my doctor about undoing mine.

I did 14 yrs ago, tube tied in 1991